The Ten Commandment Of Owning a Dog

If you can’t follow these ten simple commandments, don’t get a dog!!!!!!


7 responses to “The Ten Commandment Of Owning a Dog

  1. We had three dogs that were together since puppies except for Bun-Bun. We got him later to keep out Yellow lab young. Brandy was 5 then. This year we lost two of our best friends in a span of 6 months. It left a big hole in our hearts. It left even a bigger hole Bun-Bun’s heart. We fixed it with a new puppy. Now Bun has a new buddy that he has to be around all the time. His name is Buckwheat, Bucky for short. You can see images of him on our blog. He’s a great friend and Bun loves him.

  2. I am so sorry to hear you lost two loved ones in such a short time. It is so heartbreaking! We will be getting a new puppy in the spring for Lucky to have some companionship. He really misses Zeus. He is doing a little better, but I think he is needing a playmate. Buckwheat is a really cute name for your new addition and I am really glad Bun Bun loves him! So fun to watch them play, follow eachother around, and snuggle. I will for sure check out your photos this week! I wish you and your furry friends a wonderful New Year filled with love and laughter!

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