Our Gentle Giant…

Zeus and our Cat Bree….. Best Friends!

Our wonderful Rottweiler Zeus is known as a gentle giant for many reasons. He is 140 pounds of pure love and is the gentlest creature I have ever met. His very first friend was our thirteen year old cat named Bree. Their loving friendship started six years ago when Zeus was just 7 weeks old.

I will never forget the day Zeus saw our cat Bree for the very first time; it was in the evening of the day we brought him home. He watched her carefully, not sure what to make of her or what she even was for that matter. She didn’t get too close at first, wondering the same thing about him, but Zeus seemed to be in a hurry to meet this new potential friend and ran over to her to greet her with a playful pounce. Of course, Bree the cat took off full speed to the basement to take cover from this 11 pound fur ball of a puppy!  Zeus looked in the direction the cat ran, then sat down, looked at me and whined as if he was sad that she didn’t want to play and be friends. He looked so pitiful just sitting there whining like he lost his only friend in the whole world.

It didn’t take long, only a few days and Zeus and Bree were playing happily together. They would play, snuggle, and Zeus even took on the job of grooming the cat’s hair, by licking her head for her. One day while I was cleaning the house when Zeus was about a year old, I walked into the living room to see Bree on the arm of the couch and Zeus sitting on the floor in front of her. I could see Bree’s head was completely inside Zeus’ mouth. A wave of panic ran through me and my first thought is that he was hurting her and trying to eat her. Of course I started screaming at him to stop and leave her alone. This photo was taken when they both looked up at me to see what all the commotion was about. He wasn’t hurting her and she didn’t try to run and hide once she freed her head from his mouth. I will never forget the look they both gave me that plainly said I was totally over reacting. I truly believe that the Bree the cat was checking Zeus’ teeth for cavities or something.

These two animals continue to have a cute and loving relationship. I remember about four years ago when we took Zeus to have an allergy test that he had to be put under anesthesia for. When we brought him home, he was really groggy. He went right to his bed after arriving home and slept most of the rest of the day. I noticed Bree, every once in a while, would walk up to him, sniff him and nudge him, almost like she was checking on him to see if he was ok and wondering why he was so sleepy. When she would nudge him, he would lift his head up and give her a big lick on her head to let her know he was ok and just sleepy before putting his head back down and returning to his sleepy slumber. After this conversation of body language between the two of them took place, Bree would jump to the couch and lay down to take a nap, seeming more at ease knowing he was ok. A few hours later she would repeat this same process. It was very sweet and it just goes to show that animals can care about one another and have meaningful relationships even if they are different species of animals. I no longer worry about these two getting along and I know for a fact that he would never hurt his dear friend Bree. I think these two will remain friends for the rest of their sweet, loving, gentle lives!

I rest my gentle giant case…… He is so sweet and loves the ones in his life with his whole heart! This gentle giant would never hurt a fly!

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