Thank You My Dear Doggie Friend

My wonderful friend, thank you for being you!

                                    Thank you my dear doggie friend

Thank you for being such a loyal friend

I will do what I can for you ‘til the very end

You make me laugh when I want to cry

You give me strength when I want to die

You make me smile from ear to ear

With all my heart, I will love you for years and years

Thank you for your gentle ways

Your head in my lap when I have a bad day

The cute way you tilt your head at the sound of my voice

When it comes to loving you, I have no choice

My heart knows how very special you are

It would follow you across the earth, near or far

Thank you for loving me

And thank you for your loyalty

Without you, life would be so lonely and grim

Like drowning in a river without knowing how to swim

I can’t imagine how my life would be

If there was no such thing as you and me

Thank you for the love you show

A loyal friend like you, most will never know

I love the way you greet me at the door

with a look on your face saying you missed me more

The funny way you play and clown around

What a wonderful dog I have found

Thank you for putting a smile on my face

In my heart, you will always hold a very special place

Thank you for sharing your love and bringing me laughter

I hope our future ends with happily ever after

The way your stub of a tail wags so happily

I am so unbelievably glad you belong to me

Your warm brown eyes are so gentle and true

After all these years I know you love me through and through

My dear sweet friend I can’t thank you enough

Without you I wouldn’t have made it through the times that were tough

Thank you for the wonderful journey of you and me

You have been the most wonderful friend you could ever be

If this is what friendship is all about

I would do it again and follow the same route

Thank you for all the good times we have had

Without you by my side I wouldn’t have made it through the bad

Thank you for making the good times so wonderful and fun

I really love watching you play and run

Our friendship and love, I will never forget

There is no part of our friendship I could ever regret

So forever keep smiling my dear, sweet friend

Please know my love for you will never break or bend

Thank you for being so kind, loyal, and true

I hope you will always know how very much I love you



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