Tests Are Done!!!!!

My sweet boy!

Zeus had his tests done yesterday! The vet did digital x-rays of his limbs and spine and joint taps on 5 or six of his joints. The joints were tapped with a needle and joint fluid was extracted and sent to the lab, these joints have little patches where his hair was shaved so they could see the joints better while doing the procedure. He looks a little funny with little squares of no hair on his knees, elbows, and wrists! We droped him off in the morning and picked him up around 6pm. He was a little groggy, but was doing well and even ate his dinner around 8pm last night. Dr. Grear said the results should be back within 7 bussiness days and once she gets those, she can begin a treatment plan.

I had a wonderfully generous person contact me a few weeks ago wanting to cover all of Zeus’ medical expences. She did pay for all of the testing he had done yesterday. I don’t know yet how much of his treatments she wants to cover for us. (Treatments include medications and maybe even a stem cell implantation surgery costing $3000. The stem cell procedure lasts about 2-3 years). Once the test results come back, Zeus will be put on medication, if that fails, he will need the stem cell. I don’t know how long the medications will take to see if they are working or not and I don’t know if there are different medications we can try either yet. I am still raising funds for the stem cell until I know for sure that Zeus’ “guardian angel” wants to cover that too if he needs it. I will keep all of you posted and up to date with Zeus’ test results, treatments, and how he is doing.

I can’t believe we were finally able to have these tests done, a few short months ago, they seemed so out of reach…. Thanks to a very giving person, his test are done and we are waiting for the results. Thanks to all of you who have also helped in a big way by contributing, and sharing his fundraising information, we almost have enough for his stem cell surgery if he needs it and we have to use the funds we have raised! If this special person decides to pay for that if Zeus needs it, then the funds you have helped raise will go to help another animal, maybe even more than one who needs it!

Thank you all for your help and concern for our boy Zeus!


4 responses to “Tests Are Done!!!!!

    • We should know the results by Monday or so. Thanks Laura for all of your help so far! I am hoping to bring him in for his nails in the next week or two. We will be seeing you soon!

    • No, they got our fundraising information through an e-mail from someone we don’t know. They are willing to help cover the cost of the things that we need help with the most. We are still fundraising to raise enough for the stem cell procedure if Zeus needs it. This wonderful, carring, giving person has covered testing and medications so far for our boy. I cannot express into words my gratitude for this amazing person!

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