Hanging In There…..

Lucky and I relaxing in the grass.

Although our family misses Zeus terribly, we are hanging in there….. Our house seems empty and quiet, but we are trying to keep busy and continue on like we know we have to. Lucky has also been missing Zeus a lot too. He looks for Zeus every time he goes outside and doesn’t want to go out without him. He also is not wanting to eat without Zeus eating too. He has been laying in Zeus’ bed all curled up and looking sad too. It will take time for him to get through this loss just like it will us. We have been doing things for Lucky to try to make this easier for him and in the process help ourselves too. I took Lucky to Pet Smart last Sunday to pick out a new toy and boy was he excited! he got some treats and we saw Laura there, she used to do Zeus’ nails and she knows Lucky too. Laura Showered Lucky with attention and love and he gave it right back to her. While we were at Pet Smart, I also fitted Lucky for a seat belt and tested it out on the way home. It worked great and he didn’t mind it at all. If you have a dog, I reccomend getting a seatbelt for them to keep them and yourself safe while driving!

Later that evening, Lucky was nice enough to accompany me through the drive through at KFC to pick up my dinner even though I wouldn’t let him have any. The next morning, Craig and I took Lucky to Chaps Feed to get cat food and Lucky got to pick out a new bone. Of course everyone there had to give him treats. I think he ate about five of them.

Monday, Craig and I went to Meijer to get groceries and we saw a nice bed on sale for $23.99 that was perfect for Lucky. We decided to pick it up for our little guy and see what he thought about it when we got home. At night, Lucky used to sleep with Zeus in Zeus’ bed in the living room. The first few nights I slept on the couch to be close to Lucky and to Zeus’ memory. I didn’t want Lucky to feel all alone sleeping by himself in the livingroom without Zeus, so we put his new bed in our bedroom next to my side of the bed. We weren’t sure he would sleep there, but were surprised because he slept in it all night! I would allow him to sleep in bed with us, but our bed is really high from the floor and Lucky likes to chase our kitties. I am afraid he will take a flying leap off the bed running after one of the cats onto the hard wood floors and hurting himself. I never could get Zeus on the bed because of how high it is, he would never do it. Lucky doesn’t mind being up there, I just worry about him jumping off. Anyone have any ideas on this? I would love to hear them and maybe come up with a solution so he can snuggle with me at night. Until then he is happy and cozy in his new bed next to me at night.

Lucky and I have also resumed our daily walks, he seems happy about this and I think getting him out of the house and into the fresh air is doing us both a lot of good. For the last 4-6 weeks, we haven’t been able to walk much because Zeus wasn’t up to it. I couldn’t take Lucky and not Zeus. I think getting back into the walking habit is good for both of us and I swear every once in a while I feel like Zeus is right there walking with us…..

From Our Family To Yours…..

Thank you for all of your kind words and condolences….. Friday was such a heart breaking day for us and Zeus will be missed terribly! He was loved so much and will NEVER be forgotten. I hope someday he and I will meet again in a far better place. Thank you all for following my blog and for your help in our quest to save him. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, fate has a different plan that just cannot be swayed. I will be continuing my blog in the future and will be writing when I have time to do so (between work and school, I have been quite busy). I will be writing stories about lucky, dog tips, anything that has to do with dogs, and of course about my memories of Zeus. I will be changing the name of my blog also but I haven’t come up with a name yet and want something unique, so I will have to think on it a bit. I hope you will continue to follow and enjoy my writings. Thank you again!


You will live forever in our hearts and memories…..Today…Today we had to say our last goodbye

We shared our last touch; I told you I loved you so much

I’m sorry, but when you passed, I couldn’t help but to cry

Your life so short, I can’t help but to ask why

You have touched my heart in so many ways

You made me smile, you made me laugh

I will treasure all of those wonderful days

I helped you as much as I could, I did my very best

I hope you are in a better place

You fought so much, now it’s time for you to rest

In a place where you can be free

You can run and play now my sweet boy

I only hope you will remember me

I will miss your warm brown eyes, your head in my lap

I will miss everything about you,

Especially the way you made me laugh

I hope someday we will meet again

I can’t bring myself to think

That today really marks the end

No other will ever take your place

I couldn’t have asked for a better dog

I will always remember your sweet face

Know that I love you, today and always

I will never forget you

And all of your wonderful sweet ways

Today I am sad, but you are free

No more pain, no more bad days

In peace, is where I want you to be

Know I love you and know I miss you

Know I did everything I could to help you get better

But most of all please know I will never forget you,

I will love you forever and ever

R.I.P Zeus. October 12, 2012

   Today we are sorry to say that Zeus is no longer with us. He had ex-rays done today on his abdomen and the news was not good. He had fluid around his heart, fluid starting in his lungs, and enlarged lymph nodes. He has not been feeling well for the past two weeks and he had been sleeping a lot. I could see in his eyes these past few days that his fight was gone. I think he was ready to go. He was a wonderful, loving, kind, loyal dog and I couldn’t ask for more than he gave. He touched many people with his gentle ways and will be greatly missed. He will live forever in our hearts and memories.

  I will be closing out the Saving Zeus fundraiser this weekend, we have raised $2,708. I will be paying the remaining balance of $757 at Cahill vet in Flat Rock with it along with the cost of his last visit to healthy paws today. Also, I will be calling the person who paid the $800 for his tests to see if she will let me reimburse her because it is such a large amount. Anything that is left after that, will be donated to help another dog in need, I think it is what Zeus would want.


Quick Update…

Just a quick update on Zeus…. I took him to Healthy Paws to see Dr. Mantay because he has been showing more side effects from the predisone in the last ten days due to the higher dose. These side effects include a distended belly, muscle wasting, and he has had No energy at all. I wanted to be sure these things were not serrious or life threatning and they are not according to Dr. Mantay. His Dr. from Flatrock, Dr. Grear called with bloodwork results while Dr. Mantay was examiining Zeus, which was great because they discussed his side effects and test results along with medications. I feel much better now that I had him checked out. The latest bloodwork showed that the immune disease is not what is causing his thyroid to be low, which is good and means he may not have to be on thyroid medication for the rest of his life. It will have to be monitored, but eventually may improve enough to take him off the thyroid medication at some point in the future. Dr. Mantay sent me home with one thyroid medication today after talking with the other Dr. and we started Zeus on it this evening. The other thyroid medication has to be ordered. Also, Dr. Grear (the one in Flatrock) is cutting his prednisone dose to 40mg. once daily instead of twice daily. She is also ordering an immune depressant drug to start him on in the next two weeks and the plan is to get him off of the prednisone completely and use this other drug instead. This other drug (I will let you know the name of it when I get it) has less side effects and is safer than the prednisone. As far as I underdstand, the test results have shown no other issues other than the immune disease attacking his joints, which is why she is able to change his medications. All of the tests had to be run to make sure there wasn’t anything else going on. If there was another issue, certian medications could have been really harmful to him, so she had to make sure before putting him on medication other than the presnisone. We have an appointment with Dr. Grear in Flatrock on Saturday, October 20 at noon, so I should get more information then along with his other medications. Dr. Mantay did say today that if we start the Thyroid medication that he gave us today, this evening and start the lower dose of prednisone in the morning tomorrow, that Zeus should perk up within the next week or so and have more energy. That’s all the info I have for now, I will update all of you again after our appointment on the 20th. If you have any questions or advice, please feel free to e-mail me at:


Thank you for your support,


Our Family…..

Here are our family photos that a good friend of ours took for us. It was really hard to choose my favorites. She took about 500 pictures, so trying to choose about 50 to post was not easy. We hope you like them as much as we do! Sorry it has taken me so long to post these, I have been so busy with vet appointments, work, school, and homework. I feel like I have been neglecting my blog, but no matter how hard I work to get things done for a little extra free time, something seems to always come up and I just don’t have the time to make a post.

Our handsome boy Zeus…. He is the love of my life!

Zeus looking cute.

When ever I talk to Zeus he tilts his head like he is really trying to figure out what I am saying…. He has done this since he was a puppy, it is so cute and something I love about him.

I have tried saying off the wall stuff to see if he was tilting his head like this because of key words that he knows, but realized that he tilts his head no matter what I say. I have even spelled mississippi to him and he looks at me like this, tilting his head like I am saying something super important and he is really trying to figure it out.

I love talking to Zeus because he listens to what I have to say and looks so cute while he is doing it.

Did you say treat?

What are you talking about mom? It must be something good that I would love if you are telling me about it!

Six years old and Zeus still has a puppy face….

I love this photo of Zeus. He is such a beautiful dog!

Zeus is a such a lucky boy…… So many people love and adore him!

Our little Lucky Monkey….. He is a mixed breed and we don’t know what he is mixed with, but we think he is a beautiful dog. I love his brindle coat and his happy go lucky spirit!

This is one of my favorite photos of Lucky and I love that you can read his name tag too. Our friend Gina did a wonderful job taking photos of him, he is full of energy and it is not easy to get him to sit still.

Lucky wearing his quarter bark jersey…. Super cute!

Me walking my boy….

Zeus is really good when I take him for walks.

Because of Zeus’ auto immune disease, he can only handle short walks and some days he is limping too much to walk at all. I hope once we get him on the proper medication and treatments, he will be able to enjoy more walks and longer ones too.

My husband Craig and his boy Zeus.

Me and my wonderful boy Zeus!

My boy Zeus and I…. I wouldn’t trade him for the world!

All of the medical issues he has, and he is still a happy boy…. He is full of love for everyone!

All of the time and money we have spent due to his medical issues, every minute and penny have been worth it every bit….. We would do it all over again for him if we had to!

We are so greatful to all the amazing people who have helped us and are continuing to help us raise funds to help our wonderful boy….. Without the help we have been so blessed with, I don’t know if Zeus would have been here to have these photos taken….. Thank you for your help!

Zeus loves getting his picture taken…. Any time the camera comes out, I swear he puts a huge smile on his face!

Such a happy boy!

Beware!!!! The most dangerous part of Zeus’ body is his tounge….. He loves to give big, strong kisses….. You may actually drown in slobber!

I love Zeus’ kisses so much! On kiss makes everything worth it!

My husband Craig, Zeus, and I…

I love snuggling with Zeus and hugging him because there is so much of him to hug!

Craig and I showering Zeus with attention….. Zeus loves it when we do that!

Taking Lucky for a walk…. His favorite thing in the whole world!

Lucky is really good on his walks and he could walk forever! I swear this boy never gets tired!

I wish I could walk both of our boys together, but they are crazy when they are together on a walk…. I can’t handle both of them at the same time, so I walk them individually.

Walking my boys takes a good hour and a half….. One hour to walk to walk Lucky and half an hour to walk Zeus….

Happy, happy boy!

I love going for walks with Lucky and seeing him so happy! That makes me happy too!

Me and my Lucky Monkey!

Getting Lucky to sit still for these photos was not easy… He loves to snuggle, but not until he is super tired…..

Such a happy boy and full of energy!

Lucky is so funny and brings so much joy to our family! I couldn’t imagine life without them….. How boring that would be!

Lucky and I relaxing in the grass.

Our photos turned out great! I love them and am planning to get some framed to hang in the house.

Craig with his little man….

Happy boys!

Smile pretty!

Lucky looks sooooo happy in this photo!

I love this close up photo of Craig and Lucky!

We have the best dogs!

Craig, Lucky, and I…

Our family….

Me with my three favorite boys!

Lucky loves Zeus so much, it is super cute. He loves snuggling and playing with Zeus. He also loves to follow him around and copy him.

Missi, Craig, Zeus, and Lucky…. The Crowley Family!

I couldn’t ask for a better famiy!

Hoping we can enjoy many more laughs and wonderful times together!

We hope you enjoyed these photos as much as we have, Thank you to all of you who are helping us save our boy Zeus! He wouldn’t be in these photos if it were not for all of you amazing, loving, caring people!

Love, Our Family