Quick Update…

Just a quick update on Zeus…. I took him to Healthy Paws to see Dr. Mantay because he has been showing more side effects from the predisone in the last ten days due to the higher dose. These side effects include a distended belly, muscle wasting, and he has had No energy at all. I wanted to be sure these things were not serrious or life threatning and they are not according to Dr. Mantay. His Dr. from Flatrock, Dr. Grear called with bloodwork results while Dr. Mantay was examiining Zeus, which was great because they discussed his side effects and test results along with medications. I feel much better now that I had him checked out. The latest bloodwork showed that the immune disease is not what is causing his thyroid to be low, which is good and means he may not have to be on thyroid medication for the rest of his life. It will have to be monitored, but eventually may improve enough to take him off the thyroid medication at some point in the future. Dr. Mantay sent me home with one thyroid medication today after talking with the other Dr. and we started Zeus on it this evening. The other thyroid medication has to be ordered. Also, Dr. Grear (the one in Flatrock) is cutting his prednisone dose to 40mg. once daily instead of twice daily. She is also ordering an immune depressant drug to start him on in the next two weeks and the plan is to get him off of the prednisone completely and use this other drug instead. This other drug (I will let you know the name of it when I get it) has less side effects and is safer than the prednisone. As far as I underdstand, the test results have shown no other issues other than the immune disease attacking his joints, which is why she is able to change his medications. All of the tests had to be run to make sure there wasn’t anything else going on. If there was another issue, certian medications could have been really harmful to him, so she had to make sure before putting him on medication other than the presnisone. We have an appointment with Dr. Grear in Flatrock on Saturday, October 20 at noon, so I should get more information then along with his other medications. Dr. Mantay did say today that if we start the Thyroid medication that he gave us today, this evening and start the lower dose of prednisone in the morning tomorrow, that Zeus should perk up within the next week or so and have more energy. That’s all the info I have for now, I will update all of you again after our appointment on the 20th. If you have any questions or advice, please feel free to e-mail me at:


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2 responses to “Quick Update…

  1. I am deeply touched by all of you and Zeus. I KNOW that he is just out of our sight but not that far away that you cannot still communicate with him. KNOW that he is waiting for that special day that you all will reunite again. It’s just a short time for them and longer for us. I also KNOW that they can if really needed return in the form of another pet, if you really really want it. There are alot of people and animals leaving our planet as 2012 draws to an end, there is much happening in the universe right now so I believe that there is a special need that is drawing them. Blessings to you all and I will still keep you in my prayer’s for you are the type of people who are needed here to help other’s. Love and Light, Debra and Brian Haworth

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