My husband and I are big animal lovers and the proud owners of a dog named Lucky, he is a mixed breed that we rescued, but super adorable. We lost our dog Zeus who was a gentle, loving Rottweiler on October 12, 2012 due to a rare genetic disorder. I started this blog in hopes to raise money for the treatment Zeus needed so desperately and we did raise enough for all of his medical care, but he started having complications and was starting to lose his quality of life. I could not make him suffer, that would be selfish of me, so we said our heartbreaking goodbyes. Life will never be the same without him and we miss him so much! I love writing about Lucky and my memories of Zeus. I also like to share good dog products we have tried along with good dog tips that have worked well for us and our dogs. My husband and I have no plans for kids in our future, only dogs. We love spending time with our dog Lucky and when Zeus was with us we would all play and hang out togeather. We had great fun! Lucky and I still do even though we have heavy hearts. We always try to make time for family because family is what is most important to us. We try not to take things for granted because you never know when someone or something will be taken from you. We always try to help animals in need when they cross our path. I hope you get as much joy from my writings as I do by writing them!

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      • There is absolutely no need to explain…you have a ton on your plate! I just wanted to acknowledge the wonderful work that you do and the excellent example you set for your fellow dog parents. 🙂

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