Bringing our rottweiler puppy home

  Zeus was born on Mother’s Day, May 14, 2006. We met our rottweiler puppy for the first time when he was one week old, he was so small he could fit in the palm of my hand, his ears and his eyes were still closed and he seemed so tiny and helpless that first day. We visited every week, watching him grow and by the fourth week, had built a wonderful bond with him, he would follow me and lay in my lap for an afternoon snooze. I hated leaving him every week without bringing him home, but knew he still needed to be with his mama until he was eight weeks old. We visited once a week for a few hours every time. I couldn’t wait until the day came that we could finally bring Zeus home to join our family for the rest of his life.

    On our seven week visit with our puppy Zeus we were suprised to learn that he could come home with us that day, one week early. I was so happy that we didn’t have to wait until the following week. We brought Zeus home and into our lives and our family fourth of July weekend and we couldn’t have been hapier. He was a little bundle of joy weighing eleven and a half pounds. Who knew he would grow th be the one hundred fourty pound gentle giant that he is now and that we love with all of our hearts.

    Once in his new home, Zeus met our cats and he was so ecited and wanted to play with them. Of course Jessie, Britt, and Bree had no idea what to think of him and ran for their lives. Apparently an adorable eleven pound puppy could be terrifying. Zeus was so sad every time one of the cats would run away that he would sit there and look at me whining like they really hurt his feelings. After a while, the cats came around and within a few weeks the cats and Zeus became fast friends. They now cuddle and often sleep togeather.

    We rescued a puppy that we named Lucky when Zeus was two years old and Zeus took him in right from the start. They are now best friends and love each other so much. They play and dig in the back yard, togeather, and even sleep togeather. They get along great!  Zeus loves to clean Lucky’s ears to the point that they are dripping with slobber. They love to play go find it, a game that I invented, involving treats that I have hidden around the house and them finding them by using their noses to look under couch coushins, on window sills, and many more fun places. They love this game and I love watching them play it. It is really quite comical!

    Today, both of our dogs are a big part of our lives, infact, I couldn’t imagine lfe without them and we love them so much, we  would do anything for either one of them. We hope to enjoy them for many, many, many years to come!

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