Family Photos…..

Our wonderful boys Zeus and Lucky

My little Lucky monkey!

My little Pookie

Little Lucky Monkey

Our sweet little Pookie

A good friend of ours came to our house yesterday to take family photos of my husband and I with our boys. Here are a few that she took with her phone in retro mode. I can’t wait to see the ones she took with her camera! I will post them when I get them, I am sure you will enjoy them!

As you can see by the captions of these photos, our boys have nicknames…… There are many names that they answer to! These nicknames in these captions are my favorite ones. There are many more and some are pretty silly. Do you have nicknames for your dogs? If so, please leave them in a comment, I would love to hear what they are!


Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun……

My two boys waiting to play a good game of “Go Find It”

My dogs, Zeus and Lucky have so much fun playing a game that I invented: “Go find it”. As soon as I ask them if they want to play their favorite game, their noses go into over drive. The only rule is that they have to sit and stay in the dining room while I hide a large handful of their tasty kibble. This is really difficult for them because their anticipation and excitement rises, which makes them whine and unable to sit still. Once the tasty morsels are all hidden, I release them from the dining room by saying “go find it” in a super excited voice and the dogs are released! Off they go on a wild hunt for the mouthwatering snacks, running to and fro in a race to see who can find the most kibble. First, their noses are high in the air searching out the scent that they long for.  Next, they search every inch of the living room. They check every corner, under tables, on the couch, tossing cushions from here to there, and even beneath the couch. They desperately search every inch of the living room! After a few minutes, my furry friends are jumping on and over the furniture, racing in one direction, then the next. My boys have been known to even run into each other or knock down innocent bystanders. They are like wild dogs running crazily through my home. The house is full of chaos! Finally, the count down begins as I tell them how many are left and the race picks up speed. Lastly, when my treat searching fools have found all of their hidden snacks, they run to where I am standing and sniff my hands and pockets just to make sure that I wasn’t holding any back. This game is fun for all involved. Just thinking about it, the laughter starts to bubble up in my throat. I find it humorous to watch my boys go crazy for their little bites of heaven.