Devastating News, Please help us save Zeus!

Zeus taking a nap on the couch. I hate seeing him hurting so much and will do anything to keep him comfortable!

    Our wonderful, loving 6 year old rottweiler Zeus,who has been with us since he was 7weeks old, was diagnosed this past May with a rare genetic disorder called Immune-Mediated Polyarthrisis. Sadly, an allergic reaction to antibiotics has caused his immune system to start attacking his joints causing him severe pain and making it very difficult for him to walk. Usually prednisone is used to control this disease because it depresses the immune system and at first  is administered in a high dose, then lowered over a few months to a perminate low dose, administered everyother day. Prednisone, when taken in high doses is not a good medication to be used long term because it can cause serrious medical issues such as diabetes and cushing’s disease among many other dangerous health issues. Zeus has been on a high dose of prednisone since the end of May and everytime we try to lower his dose  to everyother day, he relapses causing his doctors to believe there is another underlying issue along with the Immune-Mediated Pollyarthritis. Proper testing such as digital x-rays and joint taps, are extreamly expensive, but also extreamly important so that Zeus can receive proper treatment.

    At this time, because we do not have the funds, we are keeping Zeus comfortable with a high dose of prednisone, which is the only thing that seems to be controling his pain and enabling him to walk. With your help, we are hoping to raise enough money for these extensive tests and the treatment needed for him to live a happy, healthy, long life. I have started a fundraiser in hopes to raise enough money for his tests and proper treatment. I just can’t bare to sit back and wait until the day comes to put him down without doing everything I can to try to help and save him. I will be completely heartbroken if we lose him and am asking for your help, please visit our fundraising page at and make a donation today.

    If  Zues’ condition worsens and he passes away before we raise the funds for him, or if we do not raise enough for his tests and treatment, please know that the proceeds of this fundraiser will be donated to his veterinarian Dr. Steven Mantay, owner of Healthy Paws Veterinary Medical Center in Westland, Mi. to help another animal in desperate need of medical attention. But, please help us raise enough money to help Zeus before it is too late for him!

To make donations, give hugs, get updates, watch our progress, and to get information about upcoming events please check our fundraising page often at, also join our group on facebook called Saving Zeus where you can see posts and share comments .

Thank you for your support!

Melissa Crowley


12 responses to “Devastating News, Please help us save Zeus!

  1. I’m really sorry to hear about Zeus. I know how devastating and horrible medical conditions like these can be having lived it once with our GSD puppy Dusty. Today would have been Dusty’s first birthday had she not been taken at 10 weeks. Today I also found out that there is a huge possibility that my 4 year old GSD Smokey is suffering from an auto immune disorder. We find out tomorrow morning when his initial tests come back in and then he will most likely start on prednisone as well. As soon as I can I will donate to you and Zeus and wish you guys the best of luck!

    • Thank you so much for reading our blog page and wishing us luck….. All donations, big or small will help so much. Dusty will be in my thouhts and I wish Smokey the best of luck, so sorry he may have an auto immune disorder like Zeus does, I hope the tests come back negative and they tell you he is a healthy boy. Is Smokey having trouble with his Joints as well? If I get any new info on Zeus’ disorder that may help with Smokey’s I will let you know. Also, I have been checking into acupuncture, a client of mine gave me the number to a hollistic vet and I called to ask questions. Normally I don’t fall head over heals for the hollistic route, but it really isn’t too expensive and she has treated this genetic disorder with success before. It costs $150.00 for an examination and one hour of acupuncture. She seems to think that we would see improvement after one treatment and that eventually she would be able to take him off all of his medication without a problem. This vet is an hour and a half from me and only open the days I work, so it would mean taking a day off work. She said she would like to do acupuncture once a week for the first three weeks then go to every three weeks. Do you know anything about accupuncture? I am kind of leary because I don’t know much about it. My client said it really helped her dog who could not walk and was dragging her back legs due to hip problems. Apparently today, her dog is running and playing, just like any other dog. I think I am going to ask our regular vet what his opinion on it is. I also have to discuss it with my husband to see what he thinks. I will let you know what we decide. I am now following your blog to keep up on how Smokey is doing, I will be thinking about him, Dusty, and your family! Happy Birthday Dusty, Sweet, sweet boy!

  2. Have you tried the 4 Life’s Transfer Factor? It might help with the immune issues. Take a look at the info here and if you’d like more information, let me know. BTW, I do not sell this product but I have used it for my dogs and have found it very beneficial. It does not interfere with any other supplement or medicine they may be on and you cannot overdose. It mediates the immune system — if the immune system is too low, it raises it; if too high, it lowers it. Anyway, check it out. 4 Life also hosts an Animal Wellness call on the 3rd Wednesday of the month (coming up). They take questions. They may have some advice for you. If you’d like the call-in info, just let me know.

    • Thank you for the information, I did check it out. It sounds like it may help with his immune system, but we still need to figure out what else is going on in his joints. I will ask the specialist about this product and see if he thinks it would help Zeus. Because of his severe allergies, I am afraid to give him anything without checking with his specialist first. This whole thing started from an allergic reaction to antibiotics. Who would have thought that a dog could have an allergic reaction to anitbiotics causing this horrible dissorder? Zeus can not have antibiotics in the future because of this allergic reaction, if he ever gets an infection, he will have to take antiseptic medication instead. For right now, the prednisone is keeping him out of pain and enabling him to walk. If the vet gives me the ok to try this product, I will deffinately do so, but am afraid to give him anything new without running it by his doctor first because I can’t take a chance on him getting worse. I am sure the vet will want to check this product out further and read the list of everything in this product before giving me the ok. Do you know if the site has a list of what is in the product, I didn’t see a list or anything on the link that I clicked on. Thank you again for the information, and for checking out my blog!

  3. My first dog, the dog I grew up with, was a female rotty called Kizzy. She was the bestest friend a person could have and she started suffering with a brain tumour which left her very very poorly for a long while. It was the most painful thing to watch and I will never EVER forget the day I walked home to find Kizzy had been put to sleep whilst I was at school. It was devastating. Losing a dog is not the hardeest thing ever – watching them suffer and hurt was the hardest. I completely feel your pain; Zeus is a beautiful dog and is fighting so well. I really hope he can pull through and get better. My thoughts and best wishes are with you ❤ Keep fighting Zeus! x

    • I am so sorry about your friend Kizzy, it is so sad to see them suffer so much! Prednisone is the only thing keeping Zeus from suffering right now, I just hope we can get the tests and treatment before he starts to have complications from the steroids. They say once they run the tests, they can treat him with medication and he can live a healthy life! Thank you so much for your kind words!

  4. Melissa, go to and click on our members. You will see profiles of all of our dogs. Turbo has a picture in there, but he was a puppy when it was taken. But, check out the Rottweilers. We have two, Gibbs and Pierce. They are really good dogs. I think you would really like them.

    Rich from mrcrilleysclassroom.

    • They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! They can come find me anytime! Thank you for sharing these great photos, they remind me of my boy! I origianally was going to train him to be a thearpy dog and we were almost ready to take his good citizen’s test when we aquired our second dog Lucky (the story of how he came to us is on my blog) and I didn’t have as much time to spend training with Zeus because I had to do some basic training with Lucky. Now Zeus is not well enough to pick it back up, but I think he would have loved it and been a wonderful thearpy dog because he has a genuine love for people.

      • I thought you would like them. I will tell Jeff and Sharon (handlers of Gibbs and Pierce) about your site. We are working on Turbo’s good citizen certification now. He starts his beginner obedience classes in a few weeks. He has already been through the puppy classes. I am sure you can still work on Zeus and Lucky to get the good citizen and the therapy. As long as you have socialized them, the good citizen isn’t that hard. I want Turbo to be a therapy dog too. I cross one bridge at a time. He met the local police today and they are interested in training with him. I can’t wait.

  5. Good Luck, I am sure Turbo will do wonderful and make a fabulous therapy dog! He will touch so many lives! Thank you for sharing my site, and keep me posted on the police training and therapy training with Turbo! I would like to keep up on how your beautiful boy is doing and how much he is achieving!

  6. I replied to your comment on my post before I saw this post. I am so sorry to hear how much your Zeus is suffering. And I hope and pray that you are able to bring the much needed help to Zeus fast. I will share your page on my facebook page. Just hang in there!

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