Happy 7th Birthday Sweet Boy….

Today is Zeus’ Birthday, he would have been seven years old. I remember bringing him home when was only seven weeks old like it was only yesterday. Here are just a few of my favorite photos of him in remembrance. We shared a wonderful six and a half years, a time I will never forget! Happy Birthday my sweet boy!

You were the most adorable little puppy.

You were the most adorable little puppy.

In Loving Memory Of Zeus Crowley

You loved getting your picture taken and would always smile.

You were funny, charming, and so sweet.

You were funny, charming, and so sweet.

Your cat Bree misses you and wishes you a happy birthday!

Your cat Bree misses you and wishes you a happy birthday!

Lucky misses you and wishes you a happy birthday.

Lucky misses you and wishes you a happy birthday.

Zeus loves making new friends.... We hope you will join us so you can meet him!

What I wouldn’t give to see your sweet face again…

There will never be another you....

Happy Birthday my Boy! Although you were only in our lives for a short time, you gave us so much laughter, love and joy! You were the best dog a girl could ever ask for and there will never be another like you. You will forever hold a special place in my heart!


What Kind Of Ears Are Those?????

Maya’s ears are super funny right now. They don’t know if they want to stand up, flop down, or a little of both!

Maya's funny ears!

Maya’s funny ears!

Her right ear kinda stands up but then flops over on top of her head and the left ear looks like it is trying to stand up.

Are those ears standing up or flopping down?

Are those ears standing up or flopping down?

I think these ears are not quite sure what they want to do….  I wonder how long it will take for them to make up their mind and what the outcome will be when she is full grown. Maybe they will just stay like this? I guess it gives her some extra character and some great personality!

Up or down ears, make up your mind!

Up or down ears, make up your mind!

Here, her ears appear to be standing up mostly…. These ears are a little confusing! I guess they are the many different looks of Maya… What do you think the out come of these ears will be? Will they stand up or flop down? For now it is a big mystery!

How Maya Got Her Nickname…

Maya’s nickname is Pork Chop. These photos pretty much sum up the reason for such a silly nickname! Do your pets have silly nicknames? If so I would love for you to share them!

A.K.A. Pork Chop hoping for a second helping of her dinner.

A.K.A. Pork Chop hoping for a second helping of her dinner.

Maya/Pork Chop could eat forever if only I would let her!

Maya/Pork Chop could eat forever if only I would let her!

When her requests for more food go unanswered, she plays with her food bowl.

When her requests for more food go unanswered, she plays with her food bowl.

Do Your Dogs Play Naked?

     After reading this article shared by one of my fellow bloggers (Life Embarked), my dogs always, always play naked!!!! Maya used to always go streight for Lucky’s collar, which was the buckle kind. I never in a million years would have thought this could happen! Just thought I would share this for my readers as well!

The Whole Dog Journal: Take It All Off!

Five things you can do to protect your dog.

By Nancy Kerns

I was pretty traumatized recently by a phenomenon I had heard about many times but had never before seen: the intense, chaotic, life-or-death struggle that ensues when one dog gets his jaw stuck in another dog’s collar.

It happened to some dogs that live a few houses down from my home office. I was working at my computer when I heard a dog screaming. I leaped up from my desk and ran down the sidewalk toward the screaming.

These dogs are just playing and are not entangled. But if they were, the leather collar would have to be cut to save them; its buckle can’t be released under tension.

It was two young Lab-mixes in the front yard of a house down the street. One had grabbed his friend’s collar and then mostly likely rolled over, twisting his lower jaw in the collar. His tongue, trapped under the thick nylon, was being lacerated by his own lower teeth; he was the one making all the noise.

His buddy was not screaming; he was fighting for his life, and being choked to death by his own collar. Both dogs were thrashing in pain and fear. The owner of one dog was trying to get close enough to them to free them, and I tried to help.

I grabbed one dog by the scruff; she grabbed the other. I frantically ran my hands through the mass of writhing fur, trying to find a buckle on the collar. I felt a quick-release buckle and released it – but it was the wrong one, not the collar that was threatening their lives.

Then I saw the other buckle; it was in the mouth of the dog whose jaw was trapped. And it was a standard metal buckle – the kind that you have to tighten slightly to free the metal prong from a hole punched in the nylon fabric. It was already so tight, there would be no way to tighten it enough to release it, if I even could get my hand in the dog’s mouth.

Just then, the owner of the other dog ran out of the house with a pair of scissors. I was doubtful that they could cut through the thick nylon, but they did. And in the nick of time! Even as the young woman worked, feverishly, the dog who was choking released his bowels. He was seconds from death.

Imagine what would have happened if that young woman hadn’t had the scissors handy. Or if the same thing happened at a dog park; maybe someone would have had a sharp-enough knife. What if the dog had been wearing a choke chain or pinch collar? I’ve seen dogs wearing these while playing at dog parks – but I’ve never seen a person there with bolt cutters.

These dogs survived the experience. But since I’ve been telling my friends about my experience (with all the fervor of the recently converted), I’ve heard about a number of dogs whose jaws were broken in similar situations – and other dogs who didn’t survive an experience like this. Don’t let it happen to your dog!

Here are five things you can do to keep your dog safe when he’s playing with other dogs.

1. Play Naked! Remove your dog’s collar or harness. A harness may not present the same choking hazard as a collar if another dog got tangled in it, but on the other hand, a harness has many more straps to get caught in.

2. Use a Collar With a Quick-Release Buckle. If you’re nervous about having your dog naked (and without ID), use a collar with a buckle that can be released even under tension. Another option is a safety breakaway collar, such as Premier Pet Product’s KeepSafe Break-Away Collar (see premierpet.com or call 800-933-5595).

3. Don’t Allow Your Dog to Play With Dogs Who Are Wearing Gear. At times, this may mean your dog won’t be able to play at a dog park, because it’s nearly impossible to get everyone to comply with sensible rules at a dog park. If I had a young dog who really liked wrestling and mouthing other dogs, I just wouldn’t take him to a dog park that was crowded with collar- and harness-wearing dogs. Not after what I saw.

4. Spread The Word. I’m now telling every dog owner I know about the way, the truth, and the light. Many people have never considered this potential hazard and may be open to hearing about how they can prevent a tragedy happening to their dogs.

5. Keep Something Sharp Handy. This is quite a long shot – and yet, I now know a young woman who saved two dogs’ lives with sharp scissors. I now have a box cutter in my car, and another one on a shelf near my office door. I hope to never witness this again, but I feel a little better knowing that there would be more I could do to help.

Meet Maya…

Now that this school semester has come to a close and my life is not full of chaos, I can sit back, relax, enjoy my summer, and do the things I love to do! Of course, blogging is one of those relaxing, yet fun things for me! I hope all of my readers enjoy my posts as much as I love to write them! With that said, time to get back to blogging!

I would like to introduce you to our newest little family member, Maya. She is a shepherd/pit mix and is super adorable as you will see from the pictures included in this post. She is full of energy, silliness, playfulness, and most of all, she is full of life! She is just what our family needed!

Maya...AKA Pork chop.

Maya…AKA Pork chop.

Since losing Zeus this past October, the mood and atmosphere around our house has been a bit somber and grim, until Maya came into the picture anyway. Who would have thought that a tiny puppy like her could have changed our tears into laughter! She has turned our lives upside down in every good way possible! She makes us laugh, she keeps us busy, and her puppy breath is absolutely wonderful! I had almost forgotten how much I love that smell!! Our family will never forget our special boy Zeus; he will remain in our hearts forever, but I know he would want us to move on and give a new dog the wonderful home and love he had.

We adopted Maya when she was 8 weeks old; we brought her home on March 28, 2013. Our vet, Dr. Steve drives the streets of Detroit every weekend looking for strays that need rescuing. He happened to come across a dog that was really underweight and obviously nursing. He followed her for a while and she led him to an abandoned house. Apparently she was living under this house with her ten puppies that were only about 4-5 weeks old. This is pretty amazing to me. This mother (now named Mckenna) who herself was practically starving, was providing for these ten little pups and was doing a great job. The pups were born around the beginning of February and they were a proper weight, they were being kept warm, and were overall pretty healthy. The puppies and their wonderful mama were rescued and given medical treatment, along with food, water, and a special place in our vet’s heart. The puppies went up for adoption and would be ready to go to their forever homes at 8 weeks old. Mckenna on the other hand, tested positive for heartworms. She has now been spayed and is currently undergoing heartworm treatment at Healthy Paws Medical Center. She too will be up for adoption as soon as the doctor gets her weight back to normal, and she is healthy! If you, or someone you know of would be interested in adopting her, please let me know… She took such wonderful care of her ten little ones and now she deserves to have someone take care of her and give her everything she could ever want!

Maya's mom, Mckenna... She was a wonderful mama to her puppies under harsh circumstances. She deserves a home!

Maya’s mom, Mckenna… She was a wonderful mama to her puppies under harsh circumstances. She deserves a home!

We took Lucky with us the day we picked up Maya to bring her home; it was love at first sight! Lucky instantly started wagging his tail and I swear, he had a huge smile on his face. We let them frolic for a few minutes at Healthy Paws before gathering our now larger family and heading home. Once we were home, Lucky realized that Maya was there to stay and his joy over having someone to play with again was heartwarming! He is now the big brother and is doing a fine job! He protects Maya, plays with her constantly, and lets her climb and chew on him, he even lets her sleep in his bed when she gets tired. They are best friends and they love being together!

Maya and Lucky became fast friends, here they are waiting for breakfast to be served.

Maya and Lucky became fast friends, here they are waiting for breakfast to be served.

Here we are now at the beginning of May and Lucky and Maya have formed an amazing bond! Lucky is back to the happy dog he used to be before Zeus passed away. At first, I wasn’t sure we were ready for this big leap into puppy hood, but now I know, it was the perfect thing for us! The month of April was a bit tough because of my classes, I was piled up with homework and exams and nearing the end of the semester. I didn’t have much time to work with Maya on any training, but we managed and she has learned a lot just from watching Lucky’s behaviors. Now that this semester has ended, I have started training with Maya, leash work, basic commands, and she has picked most of it up pretty quickly! Some things of course need a bit of work and her manners are not the greatest yet, but she is only thirteen weeks old. I am confident that she will improve over time with consistency and hard work. I am looking forward to a summer of fun, play, and great memories to come! It is time for our family to enjoy life again, and what better way to do that than with an adorable little puppy?

Lucky doing a great job of watching over his new little sister and keeping her out of trouble!

Lucky doing a great job of watching over his new little sister and keeping her out of trouble!




Lucky and Serenity played this past Sunday again. I love watching them have so much fun! They play so nice and have a great time together. I am glad they have become such good friends. They have both lost their dog companions, so this friendship is a perfect match! They needed eachother! Serenity lost her comanion D.O.G about two years ago and Lucky lost Zeus this past October. So glad these two have eachother! Looking forward  to many years of play dates with these two wonderful dogs!!!!!



Lucky and his side kick Bree, love laying in the sun and this morning the sun was shining right in Lucky’s bed. Nothing better than soaking up the sun in a nice cozy bed! I think they were pretty content and comfortable! What better way to enjoy a cold winter morning! They stayed in bed until the sun was no longer shining on it and then they moved to the floor and followed the sun.