The Best Thing To Do On A Cold Night…

Lucky in his bed

My little Lucky Monkey has the right idea on this cold evening in November….

Lux is so cozy and ready to fall asleep. He is loving his new bed especially now that the weather is getting colder. Of course he has three throw blankets in there with him. I love spoiling our babies. His new bed is on top of Zeus’ bed because Lucky was missing his big brother so much that he was still laying where Zeus used to lay. Now he can have the best of both worlds. He can be close to his brother by laying in Zeus’ spot, but he can be warm and cozy by laying in his new bed…. I think he likes this idea!

News Flash!!!!!!

Time to wake up Zeus, you are going to be in the News Paper!!!

NEWS FLASH…… Wake up my sweet, sleepy, boy, the Westland Observer wants to do a story about you! A story about Zeus and our fundraising efforts will be in Sunday’s paper, I really hope it helps us reach out to our community for the help we need to save our sweet boy!!!!! Make sure to get a Westland Observer on Sunday to read our story! If you would like to help us raise funds for the medical tests and treatment for Zeus, please visit our fundraising site to make a donation! Thank you for your support!

My Little Shadow

My sleeping little angle

My sleeping little angle

The bed shakes to the rhythm of a happily wagging tail; I feel eyes watching me along with hot panting breath in my face.  My eyes open slowly, taking their time to focus in the early morning light that streams softly through the window. The only thing I can see is the face of my sweet dog Lucky, gazing at me with a look of excitement as his tongue reaches out to lick my face. After he gives me what he considers morning kisses, he looks at me intently, tail still wagging with what looks like a smile on his face.  I stretch and look at the clock to see that it is a very early seven am. I look back at my furry friend who is still staring at me and waiting patiently with his head cocked to the side as if he is wondering why it is taking me so long to get out of bed. I reach up and scratch him behind the ear and he leans into my hand and his tail begins to wag faster thumping the mattress loudly.

With a yawn and a groan, I stumble to the kitchen and hear the sound of Lucky’s nails clicking the floor behind me as he follows at my heals. I flick the kitchen light on and it takes a moment for my eyes to adjust as I almost trip over the fur ball beneath my feet.  He sits patiently waiting next to me while I start my morning java and the coffee maker comes to life as I look down at my little friend, with his tail still wagging. As the most wonderful smell of my fresh brew creeps into my nostrils, I stagger to the back door and as I pull it open, a flash of brown blows past me and out the door. My little speed demon takes chase after a squirrel that I know he will never catch. With a smile on my face I head to the window to watch him fly through the yard and laugh when the squirrel makes a quick getaway and races up the telephone pole at the corner of the yard. The beeping of the coffee maker brings me back from my morning daze at the window and I pull my favorite mug from the cupboard. I take a nice big sip from my now steaming mug and take a moment to enjoy the wonderful taste, one of my simple joys in life. I know Lucky is waiting for me outside at the door and as I open it, he rushes in and is ready for his breakfast. He sits pretty and waits ever so patiently as I fix his meal and set the bowl in front of him. After my hungry boy gobbles down the kibble as fast as he can, he happily follows me in to the living room to catch a bit of the morning news.

Now that I am awake and my morning coffee has done its job, I walk to the bedroom with a spring in my step. As I fumble through the drawers to find something to wear, I can see out of the corner of my eye, the wagging tail of the little dog that followed me and is now watching me intently in the doorway. Once dressed, I go in search of the collar and leach that belongs to my crazy little friend. He follows me excitedly knowing full well that it is his walk time. He helps me locate the leash and collar, his tail wagging so furiously that his whole body wags along with it. Trying to control himself and not having much luck, he sits and waits for be to put his collar on as a bark escapes his mouth. Now that we are ready, He pulls me to the door and our adventure begins.

As our walk begins, Lucky has his nose to the ground, taking as many smells as he can. He walks fast as though he is on a mission and in a big hurry, looking up every few seconds to look for squirrels. He spots one and freezes as a whine escapes him; he cannot control his excitement and with all his mite darts off to chase it, but the leash catches him and stops him in his tracks. By the middle of the walk, he has now slowed down and is prancing with his nose in the air as if he is the envy of all other dogs. He pulls up alongside a fire hydrant and leaves his mark for all other dogs that walk by after him and we begin our last stretch and head in the direction of home. By this time, he seems a little tired out and is panting as his tongue hangs from his mouth.

Once home, my shadow of a dog drinks a bowl of water before following me downstairs to the laundry room where I throw a load of wash in the washing machine. I take the stairs two at a time back up stairs and start my cleaning as Lucky keeps up right behind me. The wagging tail thumps the floor while I clean the bathrooms, he lies sleepily on the hardwood floor in the kitchen while I clean and put dishes away. Cleaning the bedroom, I realize that making the bed could be a difficult job thanks to the 40 pound mutt deciding it would be great fun to lie in the middle of it as I try to make it around him.  I get the vacuum out, and he protectively growls at is as I plug it in and it roars to life. As I push this loud, heavy, sucking machine from room to room, my fierce attack dog continuously barks and lunges trying to bite it, then finally relaxes when the scary machine is turned off and returned back to the closet.

With a growling belly, I head to the kitchen and begin to make dinner as I catch a glimpse of my little brown dog watching me with hopeful eyes. As I cook, he lies by my feet watching and waiting for me to drop a morsel of food for him. I giggle at him as I drop a piece of cheese and pretend not to notice.  He inhales it and I am positive he hasn’t even tasted it! I finally sit down to my meal and my adorable little dog sits next to me pretending he is starving and acts like he hasn’t eaten in a week. I show him some tough love this time and refuse to give into him because he will get his dinner as soon as I finish mine.

Now that the house is clean, the laundry is done, the dinner mess is cleaned up, and we both have food in our bellies, it is time for some rest and relaxation. My furry friend and I make ourselves comfortable and cozy in the living room and find something on TV that we both can agree on. I pet my attention seeking pup for a few minutes and he falls asleep fast. He is a tired little guy who has had a long day following me around and helping me clean, cook, and get the laundry done. He has chased squirrels and protected me from the big mean vacuum and in his mind; his days’ work is done. This little lovable, faithful, protective, loyal, understanding, happy little dog is my shadow; He follows me everywhere he can and…… I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Bringing home our new rotti puppy Zeus…..

Who wants to shower me with love and kisses?

Zeus was born on Mother’s Day, May 14, 2006. We met our Rottweiler puppy for the first time when he was one week old, he was so small he could fit in the palm of my hand, his ears and his eyes were still closed and he seemed so tiny and helpless that first day. We visited every week, watching him grow and by the fourth week, had built a wonderful bond with him, he would follow me and lay in my lap for an afternoon snooze. I hated leaving him every week without bringing him home, but knew he still needed to be with his mama until he was eight weeks old. We visited once a week for a few hours every time. I couldn’t wait until the day came that we could finally bring Zeus home to join our family for the rest of his life.

On our seven week visit with our puppy Zeus we were surprised to learn that he could come home with us that day, one week early. I was so happy that we didn’t have to wait until the following week. We brought Zeus home and into our lives and our family fourth of July weekend and we couldn’t have been happier. He was a little bundle of joy weighing eleven and a half pounds. Who knew he would grow to be the one hundred forty pound gentle giant that he is now and that we love with all of our hearts.

Once in his new home, Zeus met our cats and he was so excited and wanted to play with them. Of course Jessie, Britt, and Bree had no idea what to think of him and ran for their lives. Apparently an adorable eleven pound puppy could be terrifying. Zeus was so sad every time one of the cats would run away that he would sit there and look at me whining like they really hurt his feelings. After a while, the cats came around and within a few weeks the cats and Zeus became fast friends. They now cuddle and often sleep together.

We rescued a puppy that we named Lucky when Zeus was two years old and Zeus took him in right from the start. They are now best friends and love each other so much. They play and dig in the back yard, together, and even sleep together. They get along great!  Zeus loves to clean Lucky’s ears to the point that they are dripping with slobber. They love to play go find it, a game that I invented, involving treats that I have hidden around the house and them finding them by using their noses to look under couch cushions, on window sills, and many more fun places. They love this game and I love watching them play it. It is really quite comical!

Today, both of our dogs are a big part of our lives, infact, I couldn’t imagine life without them and we love them so much, we  would do anything for either one of them. We hope to enjoy them for many, many, many years to come!