Time For Some Pampering….

Meet Laura, Zeus’ groomer….. Zeus was so excited when I told him that he had a nail appointment with his favorite girl this morning, that he sat waiting by the door for a half hour before we had to leave the house! He doesn’t like to get his nails done, but since Laura makes a big fuss over him, he feels it is a great trade off (he will walk acroos hot coals if someone was waiting at the end to love on him)! She always gives him lots of attention, and in return, he gives her lots of big kisses! Other than having a little trouble getting in the car when we left the house, he did great. I didn’t think he would be able to get on her table, but with Laura and the help of another groomer, he managed to make it up. He didn’t want to jump down once his nails were done , I don’t know if it was because of his joints or because he didn’t want to come home and wanted to spend the day with his dear friend. She helped him down and made sure to shower him with love before he left. I swear he walks out with a smile on his face every time! Laura is the only one who has had success cutting and filing Zeus’ nails, she does a really great job! Laura will be attending our putting event on August 26th, make sure you take a second to meet her and if you have pets that need grooming, ask her for one of her cards, she does a wonderful job and will treat your pet like one of her own while they are in her care! Thanks Laura, for yet another wonderful job and a pleasurable experience for my boy Zeus!