The Day After……

What a sleepy boy!

Zeus was so tired after his big day at his event on Sunday, August 26th….. He slept for the rest of the day and night once we got home except for getting up to eat his dinner and go potty. He had a great time and really enjoyed seeing everyone who came to show their support for him. Although he had such a great time, I think all the excitement was a bit too much for him. By Monday, the day after the event, he was limping a bit again. I increased his Prednisone dose Monday night and that seemed to help. I just increased the one dose and that seemed to do the trick… He is walking better now! This weekend, a friend of mine, who is a photographer, will be coming to take photos of Zeus, Lucky, my husband Craig, and I. I will post them when I get them back as I am sure you will enjoy them.    Also, on September 8th, Zeus has an appointment with a new dr. This Dr. had a dog who had this same rare genetic disorder as Zeus, except her dog had a more severe case and had it in every joint instead of just the joints in the limbs like Zeus has. I am hopeful that she can give me more information and come up with a treatment plan of some kind. I am aslo hoping to get the ball rolling with his testing so we can start weaning him off of the prednisone. He is starting to get some muscle deteriation, which is from the prednisone. I am really interested in what this doctor has to say and her knowledge in this area. I will post updates as soon as I can!     I have started back to school again at Schoolcraft, I am working towards a degree in nursing and I am also still working, so my time is limited. But I will do my best to get all updates posted on my blog for all of you who are concerned about Zeus in a timely mannor.    We are still excepting donations to help pay for Zeus’ medical treatment, if you would like to help, show your support, and make a donation, please visit our donation website (there is a link for it on my blog page).