A Letter To Zeus….. From Lucky….

Dear Zeus,

I had to write you to tell you all about the the play date I had with Serenity because I know you would have loved to come play too if you were still with us and healthy. I had a lot of fun today and Serenity was as happy to see me as I was to see her! I think she gets lonely too since they lost D.O.G. Kinda like I get lonely a lot since you have been gone. It’s nice to have her for a friend though, she is really nice and even lets me play with her toys just like you used to let me play with yours. You have met Serenity and you knew D.O.G before he passed away. Serenity tells me that she misses you too. It makes me feel good that she remembers you. When ever I go to Serenity’s house to play I always hope you and D.O.G are playing at the rainbow bridge. I can picture the two of you running around having a wonderful time chasing eachohter, just like Serenity and I do!


Here we are playing on the deck…. It was really hard for our people to get photos today because we were having so much fun and did not have  time to sit still and pose for photos. Sorry if some of these photos are a little blurry, we were having too much fun to care! Serenity does this really cute bounce thing when she gets excited or wants to play. She is bouncing at me in this photo.


Here we are running around through the trees….. You wouldn’t believe all the smells around this place Zeus! I think we smelled every tree! I would bet that in the summer, this place is crawling with squirrels I can’t wait for Summer to get here so I can chase them, you know how much I love chasing squirrels! Do you still chase squirrels like you used to Zeus? We had so much fun doing that, I miss those days!


Serenity is waiting for me to chase her. She loves to play, but doesn’t run as much as I do. You know how fast I am, no one can catch me! Serenity tries though and it is fun when she runs after me. We take turns of course and I chase her sometimes too.


See the ball at my feet? We even played my favorite game today….. You guessed it… FETCH! I could play this game forever as you know. I miss when mom used to play fetch with both of us. Even though I could run faster than you Zeus, I always made sure to let you get the ball once in a while too. That’s what younger brothers do! Serenity is not much of a fetch enthusiest, so we don’t play for long. A few throws makes me happy!


This is my favorite photo from today, it shows Serenity and I up close and personal! We like to nose around and even give eachother kisses….. Who knows, maybe someday she will be my girlfriend. Do you have any advice you could give me to win over her heart? I know you were always such a  “lady’s man”. I guess I should have paid more attention to your charming ways!


This is the best way to end a great day. Of course the only thing that would make it better is if you were curled up next to me. I miss snuggling with you the most because I don’t have that kind of bond with anyone, even Serenity. I am really tired now that I played my little heart out today. Mom even took the senic route on the way home which made for a nice drive. I looked out the back window the whole way home. It was kind of relaxing after all that running. Tonight I will dream of my beautiful friend Serenity and of course you will be in my dreams too Zeus. I dream about you a lot, just because you are not here doesn’t mean I don’t think about you often.

I hope you liked reading my letter and I hope I made you smile. I know you always loved it when we used to play. I miss you still and forever will!


your little Lucky Monkey

A Letter To Zeus From Lucky……

Best Friends

Best Friends

Dear Zeus,

Hi, it’s me Lucky. I hope you didn’t forget me in the last three months since you have been gone. I think about you every day and everyone can tell how much I miss you, even mom says she can see it. I think it shows on my face, but I can’t help it and am not really good at hiding it. You have always been here, I have never been without you, and it is taking me a while to adjust, although I have been feeling a little better as time passes. I hope you are not having such a hard time with it as I am. I asked mom to type this letter to you using my words since I am not great at typing on the computer keyboard. I think she is doing a good job of decoding my barks into the right words.

I was wondering what you have been doing and if you are happy and comfortable. You know, you left your bed here, I have been using it, but I hope you have a new one that is a million times better than your old one, wherever you are. I use your bed because I miss you, I miss curling up next to you and feeling your warmth. Remember how we would snuggle for hours? Well, I miss that. Mom has put a new bed on top of your bed for me because she knows I would be sad if she got rid of it. She also put some throw blankets in my bed to keep me warm since I don’t have your body heat to do it for me. I guess the new bed and blankets are ok, they are really warm. The two beds, one on top of the other makes for a super soft bed. It was really nice of her, they do keep me warm and it is really comfortable that way, but it is not the same. I am glad she kept your bed though, because believe it or not, it still smells a little like you. I like that because it makes me feel close to you.

Mom kinda watches over me a little closer since you left, she says that I am all she has left and that she would be heartbroken if something happened to me. It feels good to know she loves me so much, but I wish she would quit worrying all the time. I wonder if this stems from her having to worry about you all the time when you were so sick. I think so and I always try to cut her some slack and do silly things to make her laugh. It usually works too, you know, I can be one heck of a funny boy! I love to see her smile and I know you did too. I am doing my best to watch over the family, but I am far from the watch dog you used to be. About two weeks ago, I heard a noise, I awoke from a sleeping slumber, and as I was barking I fell off the couch. Mom laughed and said it was cute. Cute as it may have been, it wasn’t what I was aiming for! All I need is practice, practice, practice. Now that I am the big dog of the house, I hope to be as good of a watch dog that you always used to be. Any pointers you could give me would would be great!

I have been going on more walks since you have been gone, I wish you were here to join us! I know towards the end, you couldn’t do much walking, so that’s why mom stoped walking us as much. Now I walk for both of us! I make sure I catch every scent because I know how you used to love smelling everything. I now walk like you used to a lot of the time, with my nose to the ground, taking in every single scent I can. I also look for squirrels too cause they remind me of how much fun we used to have chasing them together. I look forward to these walks because it gets me out of the house and into the fresh air. I always feel better after a nice long walk. I hope you are getting lots of walks in heaven and I hope you sometimes join us on ours, even if it is just in spirit. I have heard mom say that sometimes she feels like you are walking along side us and I take comfort in that, I think she does too.

I want you to know that I think about you all the time and I miss you more than you know. I am sure you are missing me too, who wouldn’t? I miss how we would play the most. Every once in a while I hear mom say she wants to get a puppy in the spring to give me a play mate. I am not too sure about this whole puppy thing, because no one could ever replace you, but I wouldn’t mind having someone to play with again. I am not ready yet, but maybe in the spring I will be. Besides, it may not be so bad being the BIG brother for a change.

I wanted to drop you a note letting you know how much I miss you and that I think about you often. I hope you are warm, comfortable, well fed, and now pain free. I love you and miss you my dear friend! I wil be writing you once in a while to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you and to fill you in on what I am up to.

Love always,