You will live forever in our hearts and memories…..Today…Today we had to say our last goodbye

We shared our last touch; I told you I loved you so much

I’m sorry, but when you passed, I couldn’t help but to cry

Your life so short, I can’t help but to ask why

You have touched my heart in so many ways

You made me smile, you made me laugh

I will treasure all of those wonderful days

I helped you as much as I could, I did my very best

I hope you are in a better place

You fought so much, now it’s time for you to rest

In a place where you can be free

You can run and play now my sweet boy

I only hope you will remember me

I will miss your warm brown eyes, your head in my lap

I will miss everything about you,

Especially the way you made me laugh

I hope someday we will meet again

I can’t bring myself to think

That today really marks the end

No other will ever take your place

I couldn’t have asked for a better dog

I will always remember your sweet face

Know that I love you, today and always

I will never forget you

And all of your wonderful sweet ways

Today I am sad, but you are free

No more pain, no more bad days

In peace, is where I want you to be

Know I love you and know I miss you

Know I did everything I could to help you get better

But most of all please know I will never forget you,

I will love you forever and ever

R.I.P Zeus. October 12, 2012

   Today we are sorry to say that Zeus is no longer with us. He had ex-rays done today on his abdomen and the news was not good. He had fluid around his heart, fluid starting in his lungs, and enlarged lymph nodes. He has not been feeling well for the past two weeks and he had been sleeping a lot. I could see in his eyes these past few days that his fight was gone. I think he was ready to go. He was a wonderful, loving, kind, loyal dog and I couldn’t ask for more than he gave. He touched many people with his gentle ways and will be greatly missed. He will live forever in our hearts and memories.

  I will be closing out the Saving Zeus fundraiser this weekend, we have raised $2,708. I will be paying the remaining balance of $757 at Cahill vet in Flat Rock with it along with the cost of his last visit to healthy paws today. Also, I will be calling the person who paid the $800 for his tests to see if she will let me reimburse her because it is such a large amount. Anything that is left after that, will be donated to help another dog in need, I think it is what Zeus would want.