My Heart Still Aches….. I miss you Zeus!



The Last Update To Our Fundraising Website…

In Loving Memory Of Zeus Crowley

We are going to make a difference in many ways, thanks to all of you who have supported our Fundraiser! I am sending an update to everyone to let you know that the funds from the fundraiser are in and where and how they have been distributed. Our total funds raised were $2818.00! I am amazed that we reached this amount and my heart is warmed by the love for animals that so many wonderful people have shown! I would like to thank you again for all of the help we received in our Quest to help our boy Zeus. Even though his battle has come to an end, we can still make a difference in one or more animal’s lives and we will be doing so in memory of Zeus!

I have contacted the person who paid for the testing Zeus had done at the beginning of September and let her know that Zeus lost his battle with his rare genetic disorder. She was sad to hear of his passing and was sorry that nothing more could have been done for him. I asked her if she would allow us to reimburse her some or all of the cost for the tests that she covered ($800.00), she said she wouldn’t hear of it and wanted it to be donated along with whatever was left over after all of Zeus’ medical bills were taken care of. Again, I was amazed at the generosity so many of you have shown for our cause!

Before I go into detail about how and where our funds were distributed, I would like to tell you a short story about a dog named Buddy. Zeus met Buddy when he was only 7 weeks old and they were fast friends. Because Buddy was a small dog and Zeus was an 11 pound puppy, they were a good match when they first met and were about the same size. Buddy was 7 years old when he met Zeus and was not too sure what to think of the bear cub looking puppy we were calling Zeus. Buddy was a good sport though and didn’t get too mad at Zeus for chewing on him and wanting to play with him. I remember dropping Zeus’ leash and laughing when Buddy picked up the end I was holding and proceeded to lead Zeus on a walk around his yard, it seemed like Buddy was showing Zeus the ropes and his home. Zeus happily followed Buddy around paying special attention to where all the good peeing spots where that Buddy was showing him. This was the day that would start a good friendship between two great dogs. From this day on, Zeus and Buddy would be good friends. Buddy would come to Zeus’ birthday parties to share in the celebration and Zeus would join us at Buddy’s house for Fourth of July BBQ’s. They always had a great time and enjoyed each other’s company.

Buddy’s mom heard the news about how Zeus’ condition had worsened and called me right away. She said she was so sorry and wanted to know if we would like her to meet us at Healthy Paws when we put him to sleep. She wanted to be there for us in our time of need and sorrow to support us in any way she could, even if all she could do was to help us emotionally. I told her that Craig and I would rather it just be us, but thanked her for her kindness. She then started telling me that Buddy wasn’t doing so well either. She had taken him in to Healthy Paws the week before and they had run tests on Buddy and found he was having trouble with his kidneys. She said they really didn’t have the money for the medication and further testing that he needed. She wasn’t sure how she was going to pay for the care he needed. She was pretty upset and I remember the sinking feeling in my heart when we found out Zeus had this rare genetic disorder and the doctors told me the cost of everything he needed. I knew this was how Buddy’s mom was feeling at that exact moment. It is a feeling of helplessness and sadness, wanting to help someone you love and not having the resources to do so. I knew we would have funds left after Zeus’ medical bills were paid since we were soon saying our last goodbyes to him. I also knew these funds were to help another animal in need if they couldn’t be used to help Zeus. Who better to help than Buddy, a good friend of Zeus’? I know Zeus would have wanted us to help his friend just as Buddy’s mom helped us with our fundraising efforts and our event at Putting Edge. Since I hadn’t closed the fundraiser out yet at that time and hadn’t crunched the numbers yet, I told her we could help her with $500.00 of Buddy’s vet bills out of the fund raiser money once we received the funds. She was so grateful for our help she started sobbing as she thanked me. Even though she was crying, I could hear the relief in her voice. I am glad I could help relieve some of the stress and anguish she was feeling. I was amazed at the compassion she showed by offering to be there for us during our heartbreaking moment of letting Zeus go, when Buddy was so sick and she was trying to help him. She was willing to put her needs and loved ones aside to help us through our difficult time. She understood that we wanted to be alone with Zeus and I told her that our appointment to say goodbye to him would be at 5pm that day. She told me if we changed our mind to call her and she would meet us at Healthy Paws, she also told me to give Zeus a kiss for her and to tell him that Buddy said goodbye. Further testing was done on Buddy and he was put on medication. Unfortunately, these medications did not work because Buddy had stopped eating and he went into kidney failure. Out of love, Buddy’s mom took him to Healthy Paws three days after Zeus passed away to end Buddy’s suffering. Zeus would have wanted us to help Buddy in any way we could and I feel we did that. Even though Buddy did not make it, he was worth the try just like Zeus was. We did help Buddy by not letting him suffer and freeing him from the pain he was in. We also helped Buddy’s family to have peace of mind that they did everything they could for their loyal companion. I would like to believe Zeus was waiting for Buddy at the rainbow bridge when he arrived and now Zeus is showing Buddy the ropes and the best places to play and roll in the grass. They were good friends in life and are still good friends in death. They can both rest in peace together now.

Here is a detailed list of the funds, it includes how and where they were distributed.

  • Total fundraiser earnings: $2,818.00
  • The cost of using the Giveforward website was 7% of the total amount raised.
  • After this website cost our funds amounted to $2,631.24
  • We helped Buddy and his family with $500.00
  • Cahill’s vet bill for Zeus in the amount of $671.00 was paid
  • Healthy Paws vet bill for Zeus in the amount of $395.00 was paid
  • A donation was made to Dr. Steven Mantay at Healthy Paws in the amount of $885.00
  • $180.24 is set aside for a special urn for Zeus who was a special boy.

(Craig and I will be choosing one this weekend)

I picked up Zeus’ remains when I stopped at Healthy Paws to pay his vet bill and drop off the donation.  Zeus will always remain in our hearts and be remembered for the joy and love he brought to our family and home. His final resting place will be here with his family where he belongs.

Again I would like to thank each of you for the help, compassion, support, and kindness that you showed in our efforts to save Zeus. Zeus would not have been with us as long as he was if it hadn’t been for each one of you. Your support gave our family hope and showed us that anything is possible if you reach out to people. I am glad we did not give up when it looked like we were at a dead end, it gave us piece of mind that we were able to do everything we could to help Zeus. No stone was left unturned and there is no doubt in my mind that he was loved by many. Not only did each of you help Zeus, but together we helped Buddy and we are going to help others who are in need of medical attention. I know Dr. Steven Mantay will make sure our donation is put to good use; he is a great doctor and dose extensive work with rescue organizations along with rescuing many animals himself.

I have learned a few valuable lessons in the process all of this. The first and most important is to never take the ones you love for granted, cherish each moment you have with them because they can be taken from you at any moment. We raised enough to cover any medical expenses Zeus needed, but fate had a different plan in mind and all the money in the world wouldn’t have changed that. I am glad I cherished all of our moments we had together while he was here because now I have many memories to take out and replay when I am missing him. Another lesson learned is that even when things look impossible; don’t give up because if it is something you really want and believe in, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything and if you keep trying you will find a way. I never would have dreamed that we would have been able to raise enough to help Zeus. I had no idea what I was going to do and how I was going to come up with the funds needed for his care. I made the decision to put 100% of my effort into helping my favorite dog and I believe I accomplished what I set out to do! Because of my efforts, I reached out to all of you and many others who helped give Zeus 6 months of life that he wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Never underestimate the power of determination and never underestimate the power of giving. What a great feeling it is, helping someone who needs it. To know that by giving just a little we can take away someone’s pain and anguish, giving them peace of mind, is a great feeling. We need to keep providing these acts of kindness to make our world a better place. Thank you for helping us and we can now pass your help along to help others who need it.

Thank you from the bottom of or hearts!

P.S. If you scroll down, you will find the letter that I wrote to Dr. Steven Mantay enclosed with the donation that I dropped off at Healthy Paws vet, I thought you might like to read it. Dr. Mantay was also with Craig and I when Zeus left us on October 12, 2012. I am glad Dr. Steve was the one to bring Zeus’ pain and suffering to an end because Zeus loved him dearly and trusted in him so much.

October 27, 2012

Dear Dr. Steve, Dr. Mike, and staff,

    Zeus’s life came to an end on October 12, 2012; it was a sad day for us and one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make. Zeus was a big part of our family and was loved dearly; he brought so much joy and love to us and our home over the last six and a half years! He was gentle, loyal, loving, and dedicated to his family. As you all know, he loved everyone who treated him with respect and love. He will always hold a special place in our hearts that no other could ever fill; my only hope is that he knew how much he was loved and how hard we fought to help him battle this disease. Although we did everything we could to help fight the terrible disease he had, fate could not be swayed.

    Craig and I would like to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful care you gave to our sweet boy. Zeus loved visiting your office and didn’t care what you had to do to him when he was there, he had a special bond with each of you and loved it when he got to see you and get attention from you. He would get so excited whenever he had an appointment and would wait at our front door for a half an hour before we had to leave the house. This tells me you treated him well and kindly even when my husband or I were not present. It really means a lot to know he was in such good hands and that he was taken care of so well when he was at your office and under your care. Complete trust is a hard thing to earn and when it came to Zeus, we trusted you 100% in everything you did for him, from your care, to your medical decisions, the advice you gave, and the recommendations you made. You always had his best interest in mind and you truly cared about his wellbeing. These things meant the world to us over the last few years and made losing him a little less difficult. Because of the trust we have in you and your medical knowledge, along with the good advice you have given us, we have no doubts and know that we made the right decision of letting him go. We didn’t want Zeus to suffer and we know you felt the same way because you have always had his best interest in mind.

    We would also like to thank you for all you have done for us; you have worked with us when our finances were tight and made sure that the health of Zeus and Lucky always came first. They never had to go without medical care because of financial reasons and I can’t begin to tell you what that has meant to us. I can tell you though that you chose your profession for the right reasons and that you are making a big difference in the lives of many people and animals, you sure made a difference in ours and in Zeus’ life. Because of your love for animals, your knowledge, and your excellent treatment, I recommend your office to everyone I know and I will continue to do so. You have shown professionalism, compassion, kindness, understanding, and love in more ways than you know over the last few years. I don’t know what we would have done without you and I don’t think Zeus would have been with us as long as he was if each of you had not been a part of his life.

    As you know, I started a fundraiser for Zeus when we found out he had this rare genetic disorder and needed extensive veterinary care. I am proud to say that we have raised $2,632.00! Unfortunately, no amount of money would have been able to help Zeus and give him a long, healthy, pain free life. We do have vet bills of his to take care of out of these funds, but we will have $885.00 left over. I am enclosing a check in the amount of $885.00 and would like it to be used for another animal that is in need of medical care. I would like to think that since we couldn’t save our wonderful boy Zeus, maybe we can help to save another in need of assistance, in memory of Zeus. We know you will put these funds to good use and help someone who really needs it.

    We are still missing Zeus terribly and our home feels quite empty and quiet. Lucky is also missing him and still looks for him from time to time. Eventually we will add another dog to our family, but for now, we still have heavy hearts and are feeling the heavy loss that has come with saying goodbye to Zeus. I will still be bringing Lucky in for all of his medical needs in the future, although we may not see you as often because he is much healthier than Zeus was. Lucky will also be visiting your facility for daycare, I think it will do him good to get out of the house and be around other dogs. I do look forward to a long future of great care with you for all of our pets! Thank you for being such wonderful doctors and giving the best care to your patients!

     Thank you for your compassion and kindness,

                       Melissa and Craig

P.s. I have enclosed a poem that I have written about Zeus, I thought you might like to read it. I am also enclosing a photograph of Zeus for you that was taken about a month before he passed away. He looks so happy in this photo and this is how I will always remember him to be.

Paw Prints on My Heart

You left paw prints on my heart

My gentle, loyal friend, right from the start

Your life so short and time going by so fast

I have never loved a dog like I have you in the past

You will hold a special place in my heart forever and always

I did my best to make the time you had left, your best days

You have made me smile, you have made me laugh

At the thought of losing you, my heart breaks in half

You have made me proud and my love for you will forever be

Thank you for being so loyal and loving me

Your brown eyes were so sweet and true,

I hope you know how much I love you

I have done everything I could to keep you here with me

But the time for goodbye has finally come; I have to set you free

I can’t make you suffer, not a single day,

More than you know, I wish you could stay

Although, my heart is at ease knowing you will go with dignity

I couldn’t be selfish, just to keep you here with me…

I remember the day I brought you home

A tiny bundle of energy, just wanting to roam

You were so cute and wanted to play

What I wouldn’t give for us to play for one last day

I will forever miss your heavy head in my lap,

Now that you are gone, my heart will forever have an endless gap

The way your stub would wag, your whole back end seemed to sway

You always knew how to make me feel better and brighten my day

Your medical care was expensive

The tests you needed were extensive

But don’t you worry my dear, sweet friend

You were worth it, even in the end

Some say you were just a dog, but to me, you were so much more

You have touched my soul at its very core

Without you here I feel so alone

Even though we tried our best, your soul has flown

To a place far, far, away

For you and I to meet again some day

I tried to help you fight this terrible disease

So you could receive treatments and from your pain, you could be freed

I wanted you to have many more happy days

So you could be a dog and run and play

But, fate has a mind of its own and has taken you away

I felt my heart breaking and could not find the words to say

How much you meant to us in so many ways,

What I would give for just one more single day

As we said our goodbyes, I was reduced to tears

I thank you for the wonderful memories over the last six years

We told you we loved you and what a good boy you were

I kissed your head and buried my face in your fur

You kissed our faces to show your love,

I know your loving eyes will watch over us from above

As you took your last breath, my hand over your chest

I felt your last heartbeat, something I will never forget

I have done everything I could, for you, I had to try

When I think about you, I can’t help but to cry

I miss you so much, more than you could ever know,

But I am so grateful I had the chance to watch you grow

I love you now, and loved you through the end

Thank you for being such a special friend

You left paw prints on my heart

I will hold them close now that we have had to part

Thank you for all the joy you have given me

You have been a wonderful dog and always will be

I am glad you are at peace and finally free

bY: Melissa

How Lucky Got His Name

Lucky as a puppy wearing his first bandannaIt was a hot day in June, four years ago, I was on my way to work and as I drove through our neighborhood, I found a cute brindle colored puppy in the street. His tail was wagging and he was happily taking in all the smells his little nose could handle. I stopped the car, got out and squatted down to the puppy’s level. He came happily running towards me and jumped in my arms showering me with wonderful little puppy kisses. I couldn’t believe he was out roaming the streets all alone without any supervision. I was concerned because the main road was only about a block away and didn’t want this cute little one to get hit by a car. He had a red collar on, but no tags, so I started to look around and tried to figure out which house he lived in. I decided to try the one that we were closest to first. I went to the door carrying this little bundle of joy and knocked loudly. We waited, waited, and waited,but no one answered. After about ten minutes of knocking with no one answering it, I decided I would have to take this little fellow to work with me and continue looking for his home later, after my work day was through. Just as I started to get in the car with my new little friend, a man came out of the house I had been knocking at. I asked if this was his puppy and he said it was and that he kept getting out of the yard. As I handed him the puppy, I looked over at the gate and noticed that it was about a foot above the ground making it really easy for the puppy to walk right under it without even having to duck his head. I told this man how I had knocked on his door for ten minutes with no one answering and his reply was that he worked nights. He thanked me for returning his dog and I drove away heading for work.

Lucky in his crate looking cute with his very first T-shirt

As I drove and started thinking about the cute little loose dog, I started to get angry. What kind of owner does not take precautions to keep a young puppy inside the yard? What kind of owner puts a puppy outside for the day unsupervised so that he can sleep the whole day without being bothered? Not a very good one apparently! I made a vow that if I saw this puppy loose again that I would not return him next time.

Lucky snuggling with his big brother Zeus

About three days later, my mother was visiting and we had a bad thunderstorm causing our power to go out. My mother and I were both hungry so I decided to make a pizza run. On my way to pick up the pizza, I saw the cute little puppy again roaming around outside of his yard. I stopped and picked him up, but this time I did not knock on the door. I got back in the car with the puppy in tow. He seemed happy to be going with me and was craving attention. I was shocked that someone would leave a little puppy outside in a thunderstorm and decided this little one would be coming home with me instead of being returned to his home. I didn’t want to keep him, but something had to be done to show his owner that he needed to treat his dog properly. Not sure of what I was going to do with this little dog, he and I continue on the journey to the pizza place and then back to my house.

My little Lucky monkey

My mother was not surprised to see me carry in the pizza and a side of puppy, she knows me so well. She says I haven’t changed since I was a child and again I have found an animal in need of help. After a long discussion with my mother as to what I shouuld do with this little happy go lucky pup, we decided to call the police department and see if they had any suggestions as to what to do about the situation. The officer I talked to said that a loose dog was a $500 fine in our city and wanted to know if my husband and I could hold the dog at our home until morning. Because this happened on a Sunday, the department had no animal control officers on duty. I agreed to keep him over night and call back in the morning to speak with an animal control officer. I figured a fine like this would teach his owner a lesson and he would fix the gate to prevent the puppy from escaping from the yard.

A happy boy!

For the rest of that evening, we played and introduced our Rottweiler Zeus to this new little puppy. They hit it off right from the start becoming fast friends. They romped and played in the backyard sharing toys and sticks. I took them both for a nice walk and the puppy got to meet our neighbors. After an exciting evening full of fun, playtime, and attention, the dogs snuggled next to one another in Zeus’ bed and slept together for the rest of the night. It was so sweet how well they got along. I was kind of sad because I knew this little dog without a name would not be staying long and would have to go back home soon.

Lucky playing in our backyard

The next morning at 9am, I called the police department back and spoke to the animal control officer. After explaining the situation, he told me that he would speak with the owner and we could take the puppy to the humane society and drop him off there. The puppy would be held until the owner paid the fine and then he would be able to pick up his dog. If the owner decided not to pay the fine, the puppy would go up for adoption. I agreed and on our way to the humane society, I kept telling myself that if he went up for adoption, he would find a home fast because he was young and cute. As my husband and I approached the entrance of this sad animal shelter with this too happy little puppy, we noticed a hand written note on the door. It said “Sorry for the inconvenience, the humane society will be closed for the day”. It was not a holiday and we arrived during normal business hours so this was really strange. My husband decided that I was meant to have this dog and he was meant to be a part of our life and family. Just because of the way everything was happening….. I found him twice in three days, the police department asked me to keep him over night, and the humane society was closed for some strange reason. He told me to call the animal control officer back and to tell him that we wanted to adopt him if the owner did not want to pay the fine. So I called and the officer told me that he would call me back after he spoke with the owner.

Best Friends

My husband, the puppy with no name, and I returned home and waited for the return call from animal control. About two hours later the phone rang and the officer said he was on his way to our house and that the owner did not want to pay the $1500 in fines so he surrendered the animal. I do not know what the fines were for and did not ask, I just know that I would pay any amount to get my dog back and was surprised that this owner gave up on his dog so quickly. If he would have taken proper care of the dog in the first place, he would not have been asked to pay these fines.

The Boys!

When the officer arrived at our home, he told us that they normally do not adopt animals out and that all adoptions normally have to go through the humane society, but he could see that adopting him to us would be the best thing for the dog and decided to bend the rules for us. He asked for our driver’s licenses and said he would make out a police report saying the dog now belonged to us. As my husband and I stood at the officer’s car, with our new puppy on his leash, waiting for the officer to finish the report, my husband decided that the name Lucky would fit this little puppy perfectly. The officer smiled at this and agreed. He was lucky he did not get hit by a car, he was lucky he did not get lost, he was Lucky he found me!

This adorable little dog has made our family complete!

So here Lucky will stay, with his new family who love him so much. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and I am glad that our paths crossed and everything ended up the way it did, I am sure Lucky would agree!

Zeus Would Love To Meet You!

Zeus loves making new friends…. We hope you will join us so you can meet him!

My husband Craig and I would like to thank all of the amazing people who have showed their support and have donated to help us save Zeus! We are inching ever closer to our goal in helping him and providing the medical attention he so desperately needs. Please join us for fundraising event at Putting Edge and enjoy a fun filled day and meet our sweet, loving, gentle boy! I have talked with management at Putting Edge to see if they would allow me to bring Zeus to this event seeing as how it is for him and they said they would love it if he came and they are looking forward to meeting him. Zeus loves to meet new people and loves attention. He will be grateful for any petting, and scratches behind the ears for those of you who would like to join us. He loves to give kisses and loves everyone! We are looking forward to seeing everyone and we will be giving away great prizes. We hope to see you there in support of saving our wonderful boy Zeus!

Thank You For Being Such A Good Friend!

My Little Guardian…..

I look into your eyes

I look into your eyes and can see,                                         

The trust that is built between you and me.

You never judge me when I am blue,

You are a friend that’s always true.

The life you lead is like that of a child,
Sometimes your calm and sometimes your wild.

We walk outside every day,

And that is when we both like to play.

If life was as simple as it seems to be for you,

We would be content and happy too.

Your loyalty is one of love,

You are a gift from heaven above.

It’s hard to think of you as just a pet,

When you are the best friend I could ever get.

I know to most your only a dog that lives here,

But to me you’re the friend that is always near.

              Author Unknown