Zeus Would Love To Meet You!

Zeus loves making new friends…. We hope you will join us so you can meet him!

My husband Craig and I would like to thank all of the amazing people who have showed their support and have donated to help us save Zeus! We are inching ever closer to our goal in helping him and providing the medical attention he so desperately needs. Please join us for fundraising event at Putting Edge and enjoy a fun filled day and meet our sweet, loving, gentle boy! I have talked with management at Putting Edge to see if they would allow me to bring Zeus to this event seeing as how it is for him and they said they would love it if he came and they are looking forward to meeting him. Zeus loves to meet new people and loves attention. He will be grateful for any petting, and scratches behind the ears for those of you who would like to join us. He loves to give kisses and loves everyone! We are looking forward to seeing everyone and we will be giving away great prizes. We hope to see you there in support of saving our wonderful boy Zeus!



Just a quick reminder to those of you who are interested….. Our fundraising event at Putting Edge is fast approaching! The fun will take place next weekend! I am including a flyer in this reminder note because it has all the event details. If you would like to join us and show your support, Please contact me (Melissa Crowley) at: (248)755-0550 or melissacrowley66@att.net

I am in the process of checking with Putting Edge to see if we could bring Zeus so that those of you who don’t know him and were so nice to donate for him can meet him. We are looking forward to a great time and hope to see many of you there! Thank you for your generosity, kindness, and support!

Melissa, Craig, and Zeus Crowley

In The News…..

 Please take a moment to read the story that was puplished in the Westland Observer today about Zeus and our fundraising efforts.

Saving Zeus

Westland woman raises funds to treat dog’s rare disorder

Aug. 5, 2012 |

Melissa has started a fund-raising drive to benefit her six-year-old Rottweiler, Zeus, who has a rare disorder, Immune-Mediated Polyarthrisis.

Written by Sue Mason Observer Staff Writer

Melissa is putting social media to the test in getting the word out about her dog Zeus. She has a blog, a Facebook page and even a Saving Zeus website, all aimed at helping her 6-year-old Rottweiler. A part of her “family” since he was seven weeks old, Zeus is in need of medical testing and treatment of a rare genetic disorder that is causing him severe pain and difficulty walking. “He is the most loving, caring, gentle giant in the world. He truly loves everyone,” the Westland resident said. “He is my utmost favorite dog of all the dogs that have been in my life over the last many years. The thought of losing him makes my heart break and causes me physical pain.”

Zeus was diagnosed with immune-mediated polyarthritis in May. According to Melissa, an allergic reaction to antibiotics has caused his immune system to attack his joints, leaving permanent damage in its wake. Zeus has allergies and Crowley estimates she and her husband have spent upward of $20,000 on allergy treatments and skin and ear infections over the years.

He had been on an antibiotic for a skin infection for 14 days. It hadn’t cleared up, so a second round was ordered. Eight days into the second round, Melissa came home to find that Zeus wouldn’t get up for anyone, including her neighbor that he “loves.” He couldn’t put weight on his front legs; he had difficulty sitting and standing. She stopped giving him the antibiotics and within 24 hours he was back to normal, but shortly after that he had several accidents in the house, something he never does. “The doctor wanted to do a urinalysis for a bladder infection and used a different antibiotic that had to be made especially for him. A 10-day supply cost $300,” Melissa said. “Within three days, Zeus couldn’t walk. The vet said he was having a reaction to the antibiotic. This time he didn’t get better.”

Zeus was put on two different types of pain medications, but those didn’t provide relief. Now doctors are using high doses of the drug prednisone to depress his immune system so that it stops attacking his joints. Each time they lower the dosage to a safer level, though, he has a relapse. The prednisone is keeping Zeus comfortable, but it isn’t a long-term solution. Prednisone can cause diabetes and Cushing’s disease. The doctor at the Michigan Veterinary Specialists in Southfield wants to do digital X-rays and joint taps to see what else is going on in Zeus’s joints. The tests alone cost $2,000, and Melissa estimates she needs $5,000 for the test and the treatment.

The Catch-22 is he needs the tests before he can get the treatment. “We don’t have the funds and the only other option is to wait until it gets worse and we have to have him put down,” Melissa said. “We’ve spent so much on this dog over those six years, but this time we don’t have $2,000. My husband calls him the million-dollar dog.”

Melissa has launched an online fund-raising site, www.giveforward.com/SavingZeus, where people can log on and make a donation, and a Saving Zeus Facebook page — www.facebook.com/#!/SavingZeus. She also is blogging about her beloved pet at www.awagofatail.wordpress.com. So far she has gathered $1,205 in donations. She’s also doing a fund-raiser — Putt for a Cause … and Save These Paws — planned for Sunday, Aug. 26, at the Putting Edge, 44225 W. 12 Mile, Novi. The event will be 1-4 p.m. and include 18 holes of miniature golf, arcade games, pizza and pop, prizes for the most holes in one and best game score and a 50/50 raffle. Advance tickets are $20 and $25 the day of the event.

Admitting that it saddens her to see her dog in so much pain and unable to do the things he loves to do, she hopes she’ll be able to raise the money needed to save him before it is too late. If Zeus’s condition worsens and he passes away before the fund-raising efforts are complete, or if they don’t raise enough money for his tests and treatment, proceeds will be donated to his veterinarian, Dr. Steven Mantay, owner of Healthy Paws Veterinary Medical Center in Westland, to help another animal in desperate need of medical attention, Melissa said. “I just can’t bear to sit back and wait until the day comes to put him down without doing everything I can to try to help and save him,” Melissa said. “I will be completely heartbroken, if we lose him.”

smason@hometownlife.com (313) 222-6751

http://www.hometownlife.com/article/20120805/NEWS24/208050512/Saving-           Zeus?odyssey=mod%7Cnewswell%7Ctext%7CWestland%7Cs

Saving Zeus


Melissa Crowley is putting social media to the test in getting the word out about her dog Zeus. She has a blog, a Facebook page and even a Saving Zeus

Thank You!!!!

Zeus and Lucky reminding the neighbors to get a news paper today!

Zeus and Lucky Would like to remind everyone who lives locally to get your Westland Observer today

and check out the story about Zeus. Also, our family would like to thank all of the amazing people who have

visited our fundraising site and have made a donation! So far we have reached 28% of our goal, raising

$1,420! if you haven’t donated yet, and would like to, just visit my blog and click on the fundraising link.

Thank you so much for your support!

The Big Black Dog Gets A Bath….

The Big Black Dog Gets a Bath…..
It is a nice spring day, the sun is shining, and light fluffy clouds hang high in the sky. My dog Zeus is outside in the back yard digging crazily right next to my pink and purple tulips. The ground is muddy from the last three days of rain and at the corner of the yard a big puddle still remains. I call out in a loud voice for him to come; he lifts his big head and looks at me as if he may have just heard something, but is not sure what, so he turns his attention back to the hole he is digging. Today is bath day, the day we both dread, my big moose of a dog that outweighs me is never overly excited to take part in this activity.
My 135 pound Rottweiler finally leaves his crater in the yard as I wave a treat in the air, He clumsily runs toward me as drool hangs from his jowls. Once Zeus is inside, he gobbles the treat so fast that I am sure he didn’t even taste it. I search for all the supplies I will need to get him squeaky clean. I gather up five towels, his shampoo, conditioner, and finally the bath mat for the bottom of the tub so he doesn’t slip and fall. I glance quickly at the shampoo and conditioner as I set them down on the edge of the tub and notice they are half gone already after only three baths. I have to use a quarter of a bottle for each bath because there is a lot of dog to soap up.
As I get everything set up in the bathroom, I peek into the living room to see my dog pretending to be asleep in his bed. He knows I am getting ready to give him his bath and will do anything to get out of it. I pull the grey shower curtain to one side and place the bath mat on the bottom of the tub. Now all I need is to change into some clothes that can get soaking wet. I then find Zeus snoozing in his bed like he has been asleep for hours when in actuality, he was digging crazily in the yard only ten minutes ago. I tell him it is time for his bath, he opens one eye and looks at me, and he then rolls over onto his back for a belly rub, which looks silly because he is the size of a pony. I try not to giggle so he knows I am serious and tell him again to go to go get in the tub because it is time for his bath. Since his belly rub technique is not working, he gets up and goes to the front door looking at his leash, implying now would be a good time for a walk. I sternly tell him that he can go for a walk later, but has to take a bath first. He finally gives up and makes his way slowly and sadly to the bathroom. He jumps in the tub and stands there with a pleading look on his face. He really hates bath time.
I can now start this two hour, back breaking process. I use the shower hose to get him soaking wet and he makes this difficult by shaking all the water off that I am putting on him. Once he is fully soaked, I give the shampoo bottle a good shaking, one big squeeze, and begin to lather. I lather for about fifteen minutes to make sure I cover him well. Once lathered, the shampoo has to sit on him for ten minutes before rinsing. I turn my back for one second to reach for the washcloth to clean his face with and he decides he is clean enough and jumps out of the tub, runs down the hall into the living room dripping soapy bubbles and water behind him as he goes, looking over his shoulder he checks to see if I am following him. Of course I am right on his tail and I am not happy! He knows this and gives me his best version of his sad puppy dog eyes as he sits again in his bed pleading with me that he is clean enough. I don’t say a word to him as the anger boils inside me, all I do is point to the bathroom and I think he knows that finishing the bath is the better choice because he walks slowly with his head down back to the bathtub. Now that the house has had a bath and the dog is back in the tub, I begin the rinsing process of this big black dog followed by applying the conditioner and rinsing again. Now it is time for the towel drying process which soaks all five towels. He shakes off the water doing his best to help me as water splatters the walls and everything in the bathroom, including me.
Now that the dog is clean, my house is not! I first start with the tub which is now full of black hair. I rinse it all to the drain and reach in with a paper towel to grab the huge black harry mass and toss it in the trash. I wipe down everything in the bathroom including the floor before pulling the vacuum out to suck up the remaining hair. The bathroom is finally spotless as I make my way down the hall and into the living room soaking up the soapy water that the beast tracked through there. With the dog clean and the house clean, I change out of my wet clothes and sit down rubbing my lower back where it is aching horribly. This process makes me wish I had a smaller dog instead of a gigantic one!
I look down at Zeus who is lying again in his bed. He is so clean that his black coat looks beautiful, shiny, and silky, although if you were to look close, you would still see the small white dandruff flakes throughout his thick black and tan hair. These little white flakes are caused by his allergies along with ear infections, and one itchy dog. This is the reason for his bath every two weeks and his special shampoo and conditioner which are more expensive than the ones I use on my own hair.
I look out the open window and hear the birds singing, Zeus and I are so glad that bath time is over and try not to think about repeating this task again in another two weeks. Be walks to the back door whining to go outside. I open the door as he takes off into the yard at full speed. I pour a cup of coffee as I look out the window to see my big black dog digging furiously with dirt flying. You wouldn’t know it now, but the big black dog did get a bath!
PLEASE, help us save our big black dog and visit our fundraising link located on our blog page. Thank you for your support!

News Flash!!!!!!

Time to wake up Zeus, you are going to be in the News Paper!!!

NEWS FLASH…… Wake up my sweet, sleepy, boy, the Westland Observer wants to do a story about you! A story about Zeus and our fundraising efforts will be in Sunday’s paper, I really hope it helps us reach out to our community for the help we need to save our sweet boy!!!!! Make sure to get a Westland Observer on Sunday to read our story! If you would like to help us raise funds for the medical tests and treatment for Zeus, please visit our fundraising site to make a donation! Thank you for your support!