A Change Of Plans….

Today, my human and I were suposed to meet my friend Serenity and her human at the park for our Sunday walk. We met at Serenity’s house first cause we were going to go to a different park by her. Instead of going to the park, we ended up staying and playing in the snow at Serenity’s house. She has a really BIG  fenced in yard (two or three acers) and Sheep that live next door to her! Can you believe it? Sheep I say! I have never seen sheep until today and was amazed! Play date with Serenity

Here I am checking out those sheep for the first time! I couldn’t believe my eyes! At first, I wasn’t sure what to think which is why my front paw is raised a bit. After watching them for a bit I thought they were pretty cool!

play date with Serenity

I had to keep checking on those sheep to see what they were doing….. Every time I checked, they were doing pretty much the same thing…. They stood in a group by the barn making a lot of noise. seems kinda boring to just be standing around!


Serenity came with me to check on them too, even though she sees them all the time and they are nothing new to her…. She is such a good friend!

Play date with Serenity

Serenity showed me around and I peed on many trees and fences…. I couldn’t help myself and she didn’t seem to mind.

Play  date with Serenity

We played in the snow and walked all around her big yard! She has the best yard in the world! Her house is now at the top of my “Top 10 places to play list”!

Play date with Serenity

I ran at Serentiy’s house too….. I love to run and I was having the time of my life…… I ran and I ran, then I ran some more! I was running sooooo fast and I loved every minute of it! My human was so proud of me because even though I was running through this big and beautiful yard, I still listened to every one of her commands! When she called me, I came running at full speed! She was thrilled because she wasn’t sure how well I would listen in such a wide open space…. The only place I am usually off me leash is at home or in my back yard because my human says she would be heartbroken if she lost me. I think I did a good job, because she was laughing a lot at me and kept telling me what a good boy I was!

Play date with Serenity


I was having so much fun running and I was running soooo fast, that Serenity lost sight of me for a minute….. She started looking for me! It didn’t take her long to find me though.




Now that our play day is over, I am really tired out and I would imagine Serenity is too. Tonight, when I cuddle up in my nice warm bed, or on the nice soft couch with the throw pillows and close my sleepy brown eyes, I will dream of this wonderful day…… I ran my little heart out, I was free from the leash is such a wide open space, I spent the day with my bestie, and I got to see sheep for the first time in my life…. What a perfect day! Thank you Serenity for making it wonderful!


A perfect end to a perfect day, curled up on the couch with pillows, a blanket and my human’s robe! I love laying on her robe because it smells like her! I have the best human in the world! She loves me so much and I love her too!

Play date with Serenity


Putting Edge Tickets On Sale Now!

Purchase your tickets today!

Our Fundraising event is August 26th at Putting Edge from 1-4pm. Tickets are $20.00 in advance or $25.00 at the door and include 18 holes of indoor, glow in the dark miniture golf, free arcade games, pizza and pop! We will be giving prizes for things like best score and most holes in one, we will also be having a 50/50 raffel! Unfortunately, I have not sold as many tickets yet as I was hoping to and I am reaching out to friends, family, and anyone else that thinks they can help sell tickets for me, would like to buy tickets, or would like to help by spreading the word. This event is going to be a ton of fun  at a great low price considering what is included and the best part is that it’s for a great cause! Although our fundraising site has done well so far, we still haven’t yet raised enough for the tests and medication Zeus needs, which is why this event is so important. If you are interested in buying or selling tickets, please contact me by leaving a comment on this post or contacting me (my phone number and e-mail address are at the bottom of the flyer located in the top left of this post). If you would like to help us out by sharing our information, please share my blog, our fundraising information and Putting Edge flyer. I hope we get a big turn out and I know all who join us will have a great time (the more the marrier)! I will also welcome any ideas, information, or tips you may have that would help us sell  out  all of our tickets! We hope you will join us in supporting our cause and for a day of fun!

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun……

My two boys waiting to play a good game of “Go Find It”

My dogs, Zeus and Lucky have so much fun playing a game that I invented: “Go find it”. As soon as I ask them if they want to play their favorite game, their noses go into over drive. The only rule is that they have to sit and stay in the dining room while I hide a large handful of their tasty kibble. This is really difficult for them because their anticipation and excitement rises, which makes them whine and unable to sit still. Once the tasty morsels are all hidden, I release them from the dining room by saying “go find it” in a super excited voice and the dogs are released! Off they go on a wild hunt for the mouthwatering snacks, running to and fro in a race to see who can find the most kibble. First, their noses are high in the air searching out the scent that they long for.  Next, they search every inch of the living room. They check every corner, under tables, on the couch, tossing cushions from here to there, and even beneath the couch. They desperately search every inch of the living room! After a few minutes, my furry friends are jumping on and over the furniture, racing in one direction, then the next. My boys have been known to even run into each other or knock down innocent bystanders. They are like wild dogs running crazily through my home. The house is full of chaos! Finally, the count down begins as I tell them how many are left and the race picks up speed. Lastly, when my treat searching fools have found all of their hidden snacks, they run to where I am standing and sniff my hands and pockets just to make sure that I wasn’t holding any back. This game is fun for all involved. Just thinking about it, the laughter starts to bubble up in my throat. I find it humorous to watch my boys go crazy for their little bites of heaven.